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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Transit of Planets, Chapter III, Part - 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

3.3 Transit by Planets

Part 1

3.3.1 Inner Planets: Transits of inner planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury & Venus) are not given major importance by the astrologers, as they are of such short duration, and so have a limited effect, except when they get retrograde. They occur quite frequently and are very fleeting in their operation. However they can be significant if they are making their own aspects together and hitting on a point of the birth chart, which has its own. For example, a transit of two or more inner planets, hitting on one or more of the planets in the grand Trikone, acts like a trigger setting off the natal configuration. The following are their main characteristics;

i) The Sun: It lasts for about two days and has an effect on health, energy, creativity, open expression and will power in the area of life indicated by the natal planet, sign and house being transited.

ii) The Moon: It lasts just for a few hours and affects mainly moods and feelings/ emotions, not always consciously, according to the planet, sign and house transited. Its effects also depend upon whether the Moon is new/ full or waning/ waxing.

iii) The Mercury: It lasts for a day or two. It is a useful time for helping with backlogs of correspondence, making short journeys/ visits and generally communicate with others. Combined with Venus, a Mercury transit may indicate entertainment or giving a talk/ lecture. The transit of Mercury on the natal or ascendant indicate a good time for making minor changes- buying, selling or exchanging things.

iv) The Venus: It also lasts for about two days and usually indicates enjoyments in social life and feelings of love. Sometimes the influence is financial through receiving gifts or money. Transits on the Sun or ascendant indicate a good time to buy new clothes or beautiful things. The transits on the Moon are a good time to beautify the home or buy new household goods. The transits on Mercury or Jupiter indicate a good time to entertain, and transits on its place and to the mid-heaven, a good time to be entertained.

3.3.2 Outer Planets: The transits of outer planets (Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the nodes) are considered to be more important, as their effects last much longer. Even though they are farther away from the Earth, and their slow motion lengthens the time that their aspects last, thereby creating greater changes. The transits of outer planets over one’s natal planets can signal big changes in one’s life. The following are their main characteristics:


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