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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Transit of Planets, Chapter III, Part - 2

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Dr. Shanker Adawal

3.2 Planetary Return

3.2.1 The phenomenon planetary return occurs when a transiting planet returns to the same point in the sky that it occupied at the moment of a native’s birth. It implies that the planet has completed a whole cycle in the zodiac and signifies that a new cycle in a native’s life is about to commence. The most significant returns are those of the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn. The returns of inner planets- The Moon, Mercury and Venus, are generally not considered to be of major importance, as they are of such short duration and so fleeting in their operation that they have only a limited effect. In comparison, the returns of outer planets are considered important, as their effects last much longer.

3.2.2 Sun Returns: The Sun is important being the lord and the focal point of the solar system and of the horoscope. It occurs once in a year and gives rise to Annual chart or Varshphal, used extensively by the astrologers to predict the trends/ events in a native’s life during a year. A native’s birthday is technically his solar return day, for it marks the day when the Sun returns to the same position in the Zodiac as on the native’s original birthday. This is a subject by itself and has been discussed in detail in a separate book.

3.2.3 Jupiter Returns: The Jupiter returns occur every 12 years or so and indicate a new phase of growth and development in life. The first Jupiter return, at around age of 12, concerns the move into adolescence and puberty; while the second return at around the age of 24, concerns the first real moves into the adult world. The year of a Jupiter return will usually be a good one, with prizes won and grants awarded. It is the ideal time to push forward and be assertive as efforts will normally be crowned with success. Foreign travels, higher studies or recognitions in one’s specific field are often indicated.

3.2.4 Saturn Returns: Saturn returns occur approximately every 30 years and indicate a phase in the aging process when new realities and responsibilities are to be faced. The first Saturn returns occurs at around age 30 and marks the time when first real responsibilities are felt. Many people will make a serious commitment at this time in life. It is also a time when many assess relationships that have failed and realize that it is time to put an end to them. As regards work, many will reassess their career and question their progress to date. This can also be a good time to change direction and retrain their goal. The 2nd return occurs at around age of 60 and concerns the time when people may reassess the  next phase of their lives. Many people began to consider retiring from full time work and developing interests that have been neglected because of career or family liabilities. It is also the time that many have to face the realities of approaching old age and physical compatibilities. The Saturn return is often a difficult and challenging time, but decisions taken and changes made usually workout well in the long term if these are sensible and followed thoroughly with hard work.


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