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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Transit of Planets, Chapter III, Part - 17


Dr. Shanker Adawal

3.5.13 12th House Transits

The Sun: It brings loss of wealth, prestige & health/ vitality, injuries, fevers, eyes/ stomach problems, mental worries, friends turn enemies and disfavours from superiors.

The Moon: It denotes laziness, melancholic moods, jealousy, undue expenditure, injury/ accident, misunderstandings with friends & relations.

Mars: There may be danger from fire or fraud, loss of wealth & uncalled for expenditure, quarrels & troubles with wife & other females, personal injuries & bilious complaints, mental worries and losses through enemies.

Mercury: It shows fear of humiliation, disgrace through enemies, disputes/ misunderstandings with wife, friends or relations, heavy expenditure and loss of wealth.

Jupiter: It indicates loss of health & wealth, false accusation, trouble in service or from relations, disappointments, mental anguish, grief & sorrow through litigation or separation from family; but good time for religious & spiritual pursuits.

Saturn: It indicates beginning of Sade Sati. It indicates mental agony, non-cooperation of colleagues & juniors, heavy expenditure, losses through enemies, litigations & family quarrels, displeasure/ disciplinary actions from authorities, loss of sleep and domestic disharmony.

Rahu: One suffers losses, have company of wicked/ foreigners, separation from family, hostile to own relations, ill health, bilious pain in chest & heart, secret or underground activities and interest in occult science.

Ketu: One is prone to injuries or epidemics, ill health, constant worries, has treacherous & hidden enemies and loss through them, disapproval of superiors, and is connected with prisons, aslyms or hospitals.

3.5.14 Example Chart No. 2: Let us consider a chat of a native and the transit position for her as on 23rd Mar 2011. To prepare a transit chart for 23rd Mar 2011 for the native, prepare a chart for 23rd Mar 2011, but with lagna of her Moon sign as under:

The Transit chart for 23rd Mar 2011 with Cancer (Moon sign of natal chart) as lagna will be as under;

In the above transit, Sun & Mercury in 9th house do not give good results and both are separatist planets, Jupiter in 9th house give very auspicious results including long journey & fulfillment of desires. So the lady went to short trip to USA with her elder daughter. Venus & Mars together in 8th house indicates ill health, she has severe pain her legs during this entire trip. Rahu in 6th house removes diseases and give happiness, so her problem got eased out. Saturn in 3rd house also indicate good results with social interactions, she met her sisters in USA and enjoyed the trip on the scholarship of her elder daughter. As per natal chart, the native was running Vimshotri dasha of Moon, which is 4th from natal Moon, which indicates mixed results.


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