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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Transit of Planets, Chapter III, Part - 16

Dr. Shanker Adawal

3.5.12 11th Transits

The Sun: It gives real achievements, completion of big & important ventures, good health, all round success, gain of wealth, status & honour, gain through friends & elders and a good time for team work in all spheres.

The Moon: Meeting with new friends, attract others emotionally, good public relations, good health, gain of income & prosperity and enjoyments.

Mars: Success in government work, political success, defeat of enemies, good income, promotion if due, gain of landed property, happiness & enjoyments and birth of a son.

Mercury: A period of increased communication, social interaction & prosperity, new friendship with youngsters, gain of money, happiness & honour and intellectual exchanges in friends’ circle.

Jupiter: All round success, favourable for marriage, birth of a son, construction/ extension of house, acquire articles of comforts, luxuries, conveyance & entertainment, promotion or expansion of business, gain of wealth and domestic happiness.

Venus: Gain of and from friends & members of opposite sex, success in love & social circle, domestic happiness, birth of a girl child, gain of wealth & prosperity and over all happiness.

Saturn: Gain of wealth, increased influence & friendship with persons in authority, political success, recognition of merit, fulfillment of desires, fame, acquisition of property and domestic happiness.

Rahu: It indicates various sources of material gains, success in business or cinema, increased social interaction and general happiness.

Ketu: Success in undertakings, peace of mind, religious inclinations, good income and fair name, but problem with children.


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