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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Transit of Mars, Chapter VII, Part - 5

Dr. Shanker Adawal

7.3 Transit over natal Planets & Points

Part 2

7.3.7 Over Saturn: This indicates numerous obstructions & delays in any work one wants to accomplish. So one should rely only on oneself & one’s resources and concentrate on work with strong determination. Disciplined energy, careful precise work, repressed anger & ambition and avoidance of any conflict may be key to success. There may be losses through siblings or subordinates, new enemies may crop up, frustration & irritation is afflicted, there may be death in family, loss of wealth through theft, robbery, bad debts or fraud, disturbed peace of mind, disgrace/ dishonor, accident prone transit and troubles through bilious & windy complaints. One should not stand surety for anybody.

7.3.8 Over Nodes: The transit over Rahu indicates strong interest in athletic or physical activities. At times there may be over-stimulated or exaggerated sexual arousal. One may get strong help from siblings to improve life style. Whereas transit over Ketu, denotes desire for power & authority but lack of popular support. Native may have problems in business, political activities and be unpopular in profession. One may be conservative in outlook.

7.3.9 Over Ascendant: It denotes great activity/ energy, impulse to form attachments with females and desire for birth of son. However if malefic, it is adverse for health, causing confusion/ conflicts, feverish/ inflammatory complaints, hurt/ injury due to accident and disfavor from others. It gives worst results while transiting over Taurus/ Libra lagna.

7.3.10 Over 10th Cusp: Mars gets directional strength here and 10th is an Upachaya house. Therefore it indicates success in all endeavours of mechanical nature, undertaken with boldness & courage and without involving in emotions & disputes. If malefic it may cause heavy losses in business or death/ grievous injury to father.

7.4 Example Chart No. 5: Mr. Vinay Kumar
Charts 1
The native his exalted Mercury as 10th lord in 10th house. Sun, Mars & Venus are well placed in own houses – 9th, 5th and 11th respectively. This made him a professional electronic engineer. He joined service in 1996 during Ven-Ven. In May 2000, during Venus, Mars, while Venus was transiting 2nd house and the Mars, the 3rd house from natal Moon (both favourable transit) the native got a hidden & steep rise in profession and Mars being 5th lord blessed him a son as well.

7.5 Conclusion
7.5.1 The Mars is a malefic & Tamsik planet of high order. But Mars gives energy. It is a planet of focused energy and outgoing impulse, but also rules over the animal instinct of man. If the energies of Mars are allowed to operate to excess, then only its effects could be difficult or malefic. It being a fiery planet, may cause rashness, hot temper, violent actions, accidents, wounds, operations etc. Natives with weak energy are not much of a personality, so it is necessary to have strong Mars in natal chart. Natives with strong Mars dominate others. Its transit gives energy & vigour. In human body Mars governs external sex organs, head, muscular system, bone marrow, prostrate, rectum etc. Mars is concerned with reproductive, restrictive and destructive process.

7.5.2 The transit Mars over a planet or a point, energizes it. During transit of Mars, the planets are ignited through the energy of Mars. A strong Mars denotes a great longing for manifestation & creation; while a weak one leads to perversion, despotism and egoism. Although the effect of transit of Mars is not long, but, being hot, expansive, rapid, egoistic and impulsive, it is so sudden and precipitate the matters so quickly, that it rarely gives any opportunity to one to any choice of action. The rapid expansion produces impulsive and unpremeditated action and seems to act as an explodent- mild or violent, according to the temperament depending on the thought force generated in the past. Hence the effects of transit of Mars depend to a great extent on the native’s past thoughts and state of ego. However, generally transit of Mars, gives good results in 3rd, 6th & 11th houses from natal Moon, while the Moon is waxing provided there are no Vedhas.

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