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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Inner Planets’ Transits, Chapter VI, Part - 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

6.2 Transit Results of The Sun

Part 2

6.2.6 In 5th from Moon: Here the Sun is said to give the worst results, unless a planet other than Saturn, simultaneously transit 6th house. The Sun may cause unsteady mind, difficulties in professional works, loss of mental peace, inimical activities by enemies and strained relations with superiors A& relations. The native’s father may suffer, children may go against, and he may have diseases of heart, blood, acidity or of mental disorders. There may be much desires for many things, but none may fulfill and cause humiliation. Ancient Tamil texts say that there may be imprisonment, serious diseases or mental agony and if Dasha-Antardasha is Maraka, it may denote death or fear of it. However Western astrologers, it will be a very good day and the native will do well in all activities that include children, younger people and home surroundings.

6.2.7 In 6th from Moon: The Sun may cause success over enemies, favourably solving pending disputes, improvement in financial status, realization of pending loans, promotion/ rise in income, gain in agriculture and recovery from long standing sickness. Native’s wife may conceive or give birth to a child or he may have spiritual elevation. There will be good rapport with authorities, mental peace, cheerfulness, name & fame, charitable activities, success in new ventures and gain of confidence and good food, material comforts & luxuries.

6.2.8 In 7th from Moon: The Sun indicates quarrel/ misunderstandings with or separation for short duration from spouse, sickness to wife/ children, or extra-marital affairs. There may be delay in all endeavours including marriage and one may be forced to go out of home on compulsion. The native may suffer bad health due to indigestion, disease of intestine/ anus, dysentery, stomach pain, headache, depression, fatigue, food-poisoning, or skin disease. There may be troublesome journeys, impediments/ problems in service/ business, loss of honour, or humiliation. However as per Western astrologers, an important relationship, perhaps with a younger person, may come into focus with emotional overtones, making the native flexible.

6.2.9 In 8th from Moon: The native may suffer loss of/ danger to father, wife, child or some close relation, or may have body pains, piles, sun stroke, high blood pressure, eye problems, or cough like diseases. All works/ ventures may get delayed due to variety of impediments and the income gets reduced. There may be troublesome journeys, wasteful expenditure, conflicts with spouse, relations or authorities or fines/ punishments by the government. The 6-8 relationship between The Sun & Moon cause mental tension and increase in anger. One may have to take part in funerals or post death rituals.


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