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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Transit of Planets, Chapter III, Part - 5

Dr. Shanker Adawal

3.4 Effects of Retrograde Planets

Part 1

3.4.1 The retrogression is contrary to the regular direction of the planets. It is generally accepted that the favourable influence of a good aspect by a benefic planet during retrogression is considerably reduced and falls short of its efficacy in good results, which would otherwise be indicated. When a malefic planet gets retrograde, its evil effects are increased. Should both the planets-natal & transit, be retrograde, the things indicated by the aspect would be deficient or disappointing. When a planet is retrograding, it affects the matter pertaining to the affairs of the house it rules. If it was retrograde at birth, it may mean that during this life time, one is dealing with things that have causes or beginning in one’s previous birth. The effects of a Planet are usually very strong, when it is stationary upon a natal planet or in aspect to such. A retrograde planet allows time to view the circumstances impersonally and decide what to do unaffected by emotions. It represents psychic process turned inward and not manageable, except with enormous efforts by the conscious ego. The effects of retrogression on individual planets are discussed in the succeeding Para.

3.4.2 Retrograde Mercury: The natives with retrograde Mercury in birth chart tend to think in terms of symbols & insights, rather than facts & figures. The mind works more easily on the sub-conscious level, hence their insights into motivations are often uncanny and revealing. Such natives are amazingly profound, creative, discovering possibilities which are more direct, obvious, practical mind outlooks. Such natives talk to themselves and hum little tunes. Mercury is connected with education, literature, intelligence and astrology. They do not seem to hear other people. They justify their actions with reasons they grasp after the matter is concluded.

3.4.3 Retrograde Venus: The natives with retrograde Venus do not find enjoyments in things liked by most people and find it hard to adjust to outward conditions. In conditions, which require tact & charm, they are truthful & blunt. The idealistic images of love, sex, marriage, or childbirth are quite different from these. They tend to be fastidious about things which others do not consider important. They have generally reverse thinking & habits than the other people. They are also inclined & habits than the other people. They are also inclined to unconventional love expressions, may renounce love for religion, and become quite ceremonious.

3.4.4 Retrograde Mars: When Mars is retrograde in one’s birth chart, the physical energy & vitality never rise to meet the challenge. It implies a stubborn, unyielding physical force which does not move until some physical reason is found for its expression. It is often key to importance & frigidity, in men & women whose physical forces are not unlocked until implemented by some non-related idea. Such person often stops in the middle of a project. They often become good scientists or surgeons. They also succeed in other occupations which require handling of physical material in an objective, non-involved way. Such natives frequently rebel against their own desires, try to stifle them against tremendous odds. Mars is a Karaka for husband in case of ladies, when found retrograde, the marriage of the lady is delayed.


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