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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Transit of Planets, Chapter III, Part - 6

Dr. Shanker Adawal

3.4 Effects of Retrograde Planets

Part 2

3.4.5 Retrograde Jupiter: The natives with retrograde Jupiter in their birth chart, find success in failure of others. They start at the point where others have become discouraged, and have unique ability to succeed in projects abandoned by others. They become surprised when they find opportunities are worked out with ease. In order to achieve their material goal, they prefer to bargain, employ indirect subtle psychological methods. Such natives do not respond enthusiastically to obvious opportunities, but become immediately alert for profit to be derived from such situations. They predict disaster where others see success and vice versa. They are specially good in situations which involves an unknown element or a chance factor. The flexibility which is possible due to unknown elements becomes their key to success.

3.5.6 Retrograde Saturn: With Saturn retrograde in birth chart, there is a need to be on guard against a sub-conscious defeatism which undermines their most noble ambitions. Because of this self-protective fear motivation, they tend to yield too easily to external influence. They either appear shy, uneasy, introvert, lacking in self-assertion or attempt at times to cover this insecurity, with a pretext of arrogance. Such natives have got strong sense that fate or some universal force controls their destiny. They feel alone, isolated, separated from their destiny. They feel alone, isolated, separated from their kin and are seldom understood. They may be an apparently super-sophisticated, in air of total boredom, an impression that nothing could shock them, while they really worry about being a bore and want to conceal that they are shock-able as well. They find security in intellectuals or spirituals. A retrograde Saturn is a separative planet. When it transits a planet that is retrograde at birth, a part of native’s personality does not work openly. Transit Saturn when retrograde comes on a planet in 6th, it gives illness.

3.4.7 Nodes: Rahu and Ketu are always retrograde in motion. The transit of Nodes is very mysterious and they have strong bearings on the events. When they conjoin with other retrograde planets, the events relate to the subjects matter get reversed, restored, regained and compensated. Two negatives when conjoin, give positive results. The nodes normally indicates harsh speech, travelling, foreigners, grand-fathers, gambling, outcastes, reptiles, poison, theft, wickedness, windows & widowhood, skin diseases, itches, eczema, sharp pains in the body, hiccoughs, and swelling in parts of body. In addition, Rahu has separate effects.


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