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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Tajik Shastra and Annual Horoscopy: Lord of the Year, Chapter XII, Part - 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal

10. Results of Various Planets as Lord of the Year.

1. Sun:

a) In full strength: Gives high status, political power, health, wealth, name, fame, position of authority, dominance over opponents, happiness from children and fulfillment of desires. It is particularly beneficial in Upachaya Houses (3, 6, 10 & 11).

In 41st annual Chart of Sh Rajiv Gandhi, the lord of the year was Sun with directional strength in 10th house in his own sign Leo with two benefics Mercury & Venus. The Sun also had a friendly Tajika aspect with Jupiter in its own sign in 2nd house. In birth chart also the Sun was Lagna lord in lagna. The native suddenly became the Prime Minister of India on 31 Oct 1984 after the death of his mother. The suddenness was because of association of 8th lord Mercury with Sun in annual as well as in birth chart.

b) In Medium Strength: The above results are obtained to a lesser extent. One may also have loss of health, vitality or reputation, change of place of work/ residence, and opposition from those in authority.

c) Weak Sun: Gives long lasting illness, mental anguish, aimless wandering, displeasure of government and/ or relations, disgrace/ humiliation.

2. Moon as the Year Lord

a) In Full Strength: The native and/ or his mother gains in health, wealth, business, acquisition of physical comforts & pleasures, The native gets access to senior government officials and gains favours from them. If unmarried, gets married, enjoy sex & family happiness, and birth of a female child. One becomes popular and gains in or from white colour articles.

b) In Moderate Strength: The above results are mixed or gets moderated by influence of other planets. It normally indicates loss of health, vitality, wealth, popularity and physical comforts. One may suffer obstacles in career/ profession or loss of support from persons in authority. If such a Moon forms Ishrafa Yoga with a malefic, it leads to phlegmatic ailments.

In annual chart for 58th year of Sh. V.P. Singh, the Moon is lord of the year with moderate strength of 13.62 units The Moon is placed in powerful 10th house in sign of and aspected by Yogkaraka Saturn from 8th house. This made the native Prime Minister of India on 2 Dec 1989. The Moon is also aspected (By Parashari system) by Mars, who being debilitated in 3rd house produces Rajyoga. The Muntha is well placed in lagna and Muntha-cum-lagna lord Venus is well placed in 3rd house. However as the Moon is only of moderate strength and is associated with Rahu, the Rajyoga, popularity and support of colleagues was short lived.

c) Weak or afflicted Moon: It indicates danger to or loss of mother, wealth, happiness, reputation, position & power. There may be serious illness, quarrel & opposition from friends/ family members or action from government.

3. Mars as the Lord of Year

a) In Full Strength: It indicates high rank and political status, dominance over opponents, increase in income/ wealth from government, and higher service in Army/ police. The native may have additional siblings or the siblings will prosper. He may acquire land & property, support from spouse and additional energy, drive or sexual prowess.

In annual Chart for 70th year of Sh. P.V. Narsimha Rao, Mars as the lord of the year is placed in strong 10th house as Digbali and all the seven planets are posited in the four Kendra houses with Muntha & lagna lord in Lagna. 8-9th lord Saturn from 7th house aspected Mars and Muntha & Muntha cum lagna lord in Lagna. Hence the native surprisingly became Prime minister of India on 21 Jun 1991 during dasha of Mars.

b) Of Moderate Strength: The above results are obtained to a lesser degree. In addition, it may lead to physical injuries, impurity/ loss of blood, possibility of theft or defamation, and excessive anger or ego.

c) Weak or afflicted: It denotes fear from enemies, fire & thieves, loss of fame, wealth & property. It may also give accidents, surgery, ill-health, high B.P., quarrel/litigation with siblings, opposition from dear & near ones, change of residence, and unwanted journeys.

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