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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Tajik Shastra and Annual Horoscopy: Lord of the Year, Chapter XII, Part - 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

8. Importance of the lord of the Year

The lord of the year is the most important planet in an annual chart. It influences all the events that take place throughout the year. The following points need special mention:

1. It is important to take into consideration the strength of the year lord in birth as well as in annual chart. If the year lord is strong in annual chart, but weak in birth chart, then many good results should not be expected.

2. The results of the year lord also depends on its natural significance like the Sun signifies dignity & status, the moon comforts & liquids, mars valour, mercury intelligence, Jupiter wealth, progeny & wisdom etc.

3. The year lord also indicates the direction in which gain/ loss is likely to occur.

4. The year lord in the annual chart ascribes similar importance as lagna lord. The involvement of the year lord in formation of various Tajika Yogas must always be considered while analysing annual chart. A planet having Ithasala with the year lord, gives good results as per its own nature. Some good results may be expected if a benefic is even in an Isphara yoga with the year lord.

5. According to Tajika Neelkanthi, the planet or the year lord gives results according to the nature of its own Hadda and the nature of the planet having Ithasala with him.

6. Placement of the year lord in houses 6, 8 & 12 reduces its beneficence. Elsewhere it produces good results.

7. Combustion, debilitation or retrogression of the year lord are the other deterrents to its beneficence.

8. A year lord in full strength as per Panch-Vargiya Bala, produces benefic results to the fullest extent. An extra-ordinarily strong year lord produces excessively beneficial results during the year. One in medium strength gives average benefic results; and a weak year lord produces only bad results, disappointments, humiliation and obstacles.

9. Interpretations of the year lords

As lord of the year is the most important planet controlling the events for the full year, it should be strong and well placed. The strength of the year lord is measured as per Panch-Vargiya Bala or Vishwabala (V.B.) as under:

1. Extra-ordinary strength or Parakrami having V.B. of 20.

2. Pooran or full strength having V.B. of 15 to 20.

3. Madhyam or Medium strength having V.B. of 10 to 15.

4. Alpa or low strength having V.B. of 5 to 10.

5. Nirbala or weak strength having V.B. upto 5 units only.

Other factors that give strength to a planet are its placement:

1. In Kendra or Trikone.

2. In own or in a friend’s house.

3. In Subhkartari yoga or having Ithasala with benefics.

4. It is aspected by benefics/ Yogkaraka planets.

5. It should not be aspected by malefics or be in inimical signs.

6. It should not be in houses 6, 8 or 12.

7. It should not be combust, debilitated or retrograde.

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