Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Tajik Shastra and Annual Horoscopy: Lord of the Year, Chapter XII, Part - 5

Dr. Shanker Adawal

4. Mercury as the Lord of the year

a) In Full Strength: The native achieves success and gain status, name & fame through literary works, writings, research, business, art, accountancy & journalism. He gets honours & awards in literary pursuits, fine arts, diplomacy, succeeds in examination & interviews and cultivates friendship & relations with people of status.

Chart No 38: Rabindra Nath Tagore: Born on 7 May 1861 at 2-51 AM at 88E13 & 22N39: Annual chart fort for 53rd year for 1913-14

Strong Mercury is the lord of the year placed in strong 10th house of Aries of Yogkaraka Mars, placed in 9th house of luck. Mercury is associated with exalted Sun & Venus, a repeat combination in Aries of birth chart. This gave native excellent intellectual and literary talents. The combination is hemmed between Yogkaraka Mars & Lagna lord Moon and is in friendly aspect of 6-9th lord Jupiter. The exalted Sun is in Poorna Ithasala with Jupiter. This gave native the Noble Prize for literature on 14 Nov 1913.

b) Of Medium Strength: The above effects get modified and moderated accordingly. But there is happiness from family & friends and possibility of pleasure of undertaking journeys. There may be problems due to intemperance in speech and arguments.

c) Weak or afflicted Mercury: It gives loss in business/ wealth, prestige, nervous breakdown, lack of discrimination, skin & throat ailments, and incoherent speech. He may become false witness, get cheated, lose friends and quarrel with relations.

Chart No 39: V. P. Singh: Annual Chart for 1990-91: Loss of Power

Main Features

1. Mercury is the year lord with moderate strength but weak because in first degree, without any friendly aspect, and in inimical aspect of Mars from 8th house and of Saturn lord of 6th in annual chart & lord of 8th in birth chart from 5th house.

2. Moon, though in her own sign, is in 12th house in close conjunction with Rahu-Ketu axis.

3. Lagna lord Sun is also aspected by Mars & Saturn.

4. Mercury is 3-12th lord is with Lagna lord Sun and 12th lord Jupiter.

5. Native lost power (Prime-Ministership) on 7 Nov 1990 while undergoing Pratyari dasha of 12th lord Moon.

5. Jupiter as Lord of the Year

a) In Full Strength: It gives name, fame, wealth, honours, wisdom, good children, comforts at home, and confidence. Cooperation of even opponents. One is inclined towards religious & virtuous pursuits, has clarity of thoughts, knowledge of higher things, goes on pilgrimage and has general prosperity.

b) Of Medium Strength: The above mentioned results accrue to a lesser extent. The native is associated with persons in authority and at times gets displeasures from them and suffers ill-health. He is inclined towards study & scriptures. If Jupiter is involved in Ishrafa Yoga with a malefic, there is loss of wealth or unhappiness due to progeny.

c) Weak/ afflicted Jupiter: It causes failures & disappointments, various ailments, loss of wealth due to theft or speculations. Friends become foes, children or spouse neglects, relations quarrels and there is lack of discrimination.

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