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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Tajik Shastra and Annual Horoscopy: Lord of the Year, Chapter XII, Part - 6

Dr. Shanker Adawal

6. Venus as lord of the Year

a) In Full Strength: It bestows domestic bliss of the highest order including conjugal happiness, health, wealth, all types of comforts, new knowledge or expertise in fine art. One is successful in all affairs including love affairs & marriage, auspicious events mark the year and there is elevation in status.

b) Of Moderate Strength: The income & comforts get reduced. One suffers from diseases/ troubles, mental worries & misunderstanding of or due to spouse. If Venus is afflicted, loss of wife or heavy loss of money is indicated.

Chart No. 34: Annual Chart For 45th year of J.L. Nehru 1933-34

Cn 40

Venus is the lord of Varsh-lagna, Lord of the year and Karaka of wife. The strength of Venus is only moderate. Venus is associated with 2-7th lord Mars in 3rd house in Paapkartari between Sun & Saturn. Moon & Saturn are in inimical aspect and in Ithasala. Muntha though in 9th house, is aspected by Mars and Rahu. The native lost his wife in Mar 1934.

c) Weak/ afflicted Venus: The native suffers from mental agony & anxiety, obstacles in profession, failure in undertakings, and quarrels with wife & children throughout the year. One may lose business or service, conjugal unhappiness and fear from low caste women.

7. Saturn as Lord of the year
a) In Full Strength: It indicates Success in litigation & election, leadership among own clan, longevity, health & happiness, ability for hard work & concentration of mind, acquisition of old house, land or property, gains from low caste people or foreigners.

b) Of Medium Strength: It reduces the above results to a great extent and makes the life of the native miserable & degraded, suffers from anguish & body ache, loss of fame & wealth, gives association with low caste people and increase of opponents.

c) Weak/ afflicted Saturn: It indicates poverty, mental anguish, disgrace, depression, diseases & sorrows, windy ailments, loss of some near or dear one, financial losses, failure in all ventures, enmity with own people, fear from foes and general deprivation.

Note: The above results are fairly general in nature. They are further modified by various factors such as location of the year lord in annual & birth chart, the influence of other planets, Muntha & Muntha lord on the year lord, involvement of year lord in various yogas specially Tajika yogas etc. However one thing is certain that if the lagna lord of birth & annual chart, and Muntha & its lord are strong and well placed in Kendra/ Trikone houses, the year will pass with peace & happiness. When lord of the year is in any of the houses 6, 8 or 12 and 10th lord of the annual chart is weak, the year proves very inauspicious.

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