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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Tajik Shastra and Annual Horoscopy: House-wise Analysis of Annual Chart, Chapter XIII, Part - 15

Dr. Shanker Adawal

12. Eleventh house of materialistic Gains

1. All planets by their location in 11th house, are capable of giving material gains depending on their signification and Panch-vargiya Bala.

2. A strong benefic in 11th house, bereft of any malefic association, indicates material gain and enhancement of all significations of 11th house. Malefic influence leads to unethical means, obstacles and losses. A weak planet in 11th causes loss of wealth.

3. Any unafflicted & strong planet in 11th gives money; but an Ithasala between 11th lord and lord of lagna/ 2nd in annual chart, gives name, fame, wealth and friendship with worthy men.

4. A strong Muntha or the Muntha lord placed in 11th house getting benefic influence leads to higher achievements in intellectual pursuits or gain in business.

5. The Artha Saham in 11th house influenced by benefics, indicats multiple gains.

Various planets, when placed in 11th house, produce following results:

1. Sun: Brings gain & honour from government, victory over enemies, but illness to children.

2. Moon: Ensures gain in business, association of & gain from influential friends, destruction of foes, general contentment.

3. Mars: Secures good status, success & financial gains, but affliction to children.

4. Mercury: Brings new contacts & business, good income & profits (if strong year lord), But if afflicted unpleasant relations with spouse & children.

5. Jupiter: Provides birth of/ happiness from children, increase in wealth & happiness and victory over enemies.

6. Venus: Same as Jupiter with additional comforts of luxuries & vehicles.

7. Saturn: Gain of income from agriculture, sale of vehicles & machinery, increase in name & fame: but troubles to progeny.

8. Rahu: Ensures gain of wealth, properties & royal status, destruction of enemies, and gain from lower strata of society.

9. Ketu: Provides beautiful house and general improvement in all matters.


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