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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Tajik Shastra and Annual Horoscopy: House-wise Analysis of Annual Chart, Chapter XIII, Part - 16

Dr. Shanker Adawal

13. Twelfth House of Expenses, Losses and Deprivation

1. A weak lagna lord or year lord in 112th, indicate varied losses during the year.

2. If strong Jupiter or Saturn as year lord occupies 12th house aspected by a benefic, native acquires of purchase land or building.

3. Moon & Mars in 12th under influence of malefic cause mental tension & losses.

4. Afflicted Sun in 12th house causes eye troubles during the year.

5. Sun as year lord in 12th house in a quadruped sign & afflicted to losses through servants & subordinates.

6. If 12th lord makes an Ithasala with 2nd or 11th lord or Saturn & Moon occupies 12th house, there would be loss of money through misplaced trust.

7. Mars & Saturn together in 12th house indicates loss of vehicles.

8. Strong Saturn as year lord in 12th house, increases inclination towards religion.

9. The 7th lord & 9th lord having Ithasala in 12th house with benefic asapect/ Ithasala of lagna lord causes marriage to a foreigner or at a far off place.

Chart No. 45: Marriage to a foreigner: 26th Annual Chart for 1986-87

Main Features
1. 7th lord Sun & 9th lord Venus are having Ithasala in 12th House.

2. The 12th house is associated with 2-11th lord Jupiter who is in Ithasala with Moon associated with Muntha in 2nd house of family.

3. The 7th lord of birth chart, Venus, is Yogkaraka being lord of 4-9th lord.

4. Lagna lord Saturn is in Ithasala with 7th lord Sun with friendly aspect.

5. The native got married to a foreigner during the year.

6. The birth lagna is in Rahu-Ketu axis carrying malefic association of Mars, and lagna lord Saturn is hemmed between Mars and 8th lord Mercury. Again Karaka of marriage, 7th lord of birth lagna & 9th lord of annual chart, Venus, is combust. Hence this marriage did not prove harmonious.

14. Conclusion

The above results are quite generalized. However analysis of any house is a complex process involving a holistic approach. Firstly the sign occupying a house, in an annual chart correspond to a house which has the same sign in birth chart. The significations of this house of birth chart have a telling effect on the house under consideration. For example, sign occupied by 6, 8, or 12th house of birth chart spoils the houses of annual chart wherever they happen to fall. Secondly the strength of the planets occupying or aspecting a house modify the results for the better or worse. Thirdly the yogas formed (particularly the Tajika Yogas) by the planets occupying or having friendly/ inimical aspects indicate the occurrence of the events. The position, strength & relation of the house with lagna, lagna lord, Muntha, Muntha lord and lord of the year further qualify the results. Finally do not forget to consider important Parashari principles involved in the chart. Thus only a comprehensive & holistic approach will give reliable results.

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