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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Tajik Shastra and Annual Horoscopy: House-wise Analysis of Annual Chart, Chapter XIII, Part - 14

Dr. Shanker Adawal

11. Tenth house of Vocation & Honour

1. A strong year lord in 10th leads to increase in status, wealth, prestige & power.

2. If sign occupied by Sun in birth chart, becomes lagna/ 10th house of annual chart and is associated with Muntha, promotion in service, and gain in status & comforts are ensured.

3. If Sun is in Leo in 10th house of annual chart, and establish Ithasala with lagna lord, it gives favours from authorities or change of job for better.

4. A strong Moon in 10th house falling in the sign of natal Mars, leads to gain in status, following a change of place or job.

5. A strong Mars or Jupiter in own sign in 10th house, indicates enhancement of status as a result of one’s own courage & efforts.

6. Mars in annual chart, in sign of natal Saturn and in aspect with Muntha, causes loss of wealth & status, through unscrupulous deeds, thieves, enemies or government.

7. A strong Mercury in its own sign in 10th house, results in gain of honour and status through intellectual/ literary/ astrological deeds.

8. A strong Venus, in own or exalted sign and aspected by benefics, ensures gain from business and government, promotion in service and good health.

9. A strong Saturn as year lord forming Sasa Yoga, ensures good health and increase in status & wealth. However a weak Saturn denotes all types of miseries.

10. Aspect of Saturn on 10th house, 10th lord or Karma Saham brings poverty, loss from agriculture, and various types of troubles to family.

11. Rahu in 10th house cause loss of/ from vehicle, land or agriculture, but gives expansion of business & financial gains.

12. An Ithasala involving lagna lord, 10th lord and year lord or their exchange cause great Rajyoga giving royal favours & status to the native.

13. The year lord as lord of Raj Saham in Ithasala with Sun also give a powerful Rajyoga.

14. All afflictions to the native are destroyed if:

a). 10th lord in 10th house is associated or aspected by benefics.

b) 10th lord in 10th and 2nd lord is in 5th house.

c) The lord of Trirashipati is in 10th or in trine to 10th lord.

d) The 10th lord in association with benefics, is placed in 2nd, 3rd or 5th house and 4th lord is in a Kendra.


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