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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Tajik Shastra and Annual Horoscopy: The Muntha, Chapter XI, Part - 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Muntha

Part 1

1. The Muntha & its Progression: The Muntha is an important mathematical concept in Varshphal connecting the annual chart with the birth chart. At the time of birth, it is located in lagna/ Ascendant. Each year, the Muntha moves one rashi (sign) in direct motion. When the second year of life begins, the Muntha falls in the 2nd house from lagna. At the 3rd year of life, the Muntha will be in the 3rd house from lagna and so on. Because of its progression by one sign each year, the Muntha is also termed as the progressed ascendant. In the analysis of an annual chart, the Muntha is extremely important. The lord of Muntha is also very significant while analyzing an annual chart and is one of the five contenders for the post of lord of the year Since the Muntha progresses one sign or 30 degrees in a year, it progresses every month by 30/ 12 = 2.5 or 2 degree 30 min. Similarly, daily motion of the Muntha may also be calculated by dividing 2 degree 30 min by 30 (number of days in a month), giving a value of 5 min. These values are important if one intends to go into closer timing of events during a given year.

2. Calculation of the Muntha:

1. Note the number of sign wherein the lagna falls in the birth chart. Say if lagna is in Gemini, the number of sign is 3.

2. Add to it the number of completed years elapsed between the birth and the current year for which the Muntha is to be calculated.

3. Divide the total by 12 (total numbers of signs). The remainder so obtained would be the sign in which the Muntha is located in the annual chart.

4. If the remainder is zero, it should be treated as 12 sign or Pisces.

Based on the above, the Muntha in the example chart No. 21 of previous chapter would be in 3rd house of Aries and in chart No 2, in 2nd house of Sagittarius.

3. The Results of Muntha in different Houses

A well-placed and well-aspected Muntha strengthens the house it is in. The Muntha gives results according to its location in different houses, its association with different planets, and the disposition of the lord of the sign in which the Muntha is located. (This is some what similar to the position of dispositor in Parashari system). The general results are based on the “Tajika Neelkanthi”, the famous treatise by Acharya Neelkanth. The Muntha is considered very auspicious in houses 9, 10 & 11. In houses 1, 2, 3, & 5 it yields good results through personal efforts of the native. In the remaining houses 4, 6, 7, 8, & 12 in the annual chart, it is considered inauspicious. However experience shows that in 7th house, the Muntha does not give bad results except illness to the native. The general results of positioning of the Muntha in various houses are as under:

1. Lagna: It is considered to yield very good results and indicates dominance/ victory over opponents, dignity, favours from rulers, high status or a new job/ source of income, increase in power, comforts & money and good health through own efforts. It may also denote change in place, position or residence, transfer or the birth of a child.

Chart No. 29: PV Narsimha Rao: Born on Tuesday, 28 Jun 1921 at 1-02 PM at Warangal with Virgo Lagna; 70th annual chart for 1990-91

The Muntha is in lagna in own house with Mercury, Lagnesh of birth & annual chart and with benefics. The native became Prime Minister of India on 21 Jun 1991. The sudden & unexpected event was due to mutual aspect with 8-9th lord Saturn. However the Saturn’s aspect on Muntha and Muntha lord also gave illness in first part of the year.

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