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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Tajik Shastra and Annual Horoscopy: The Muntha, Chapter XI, Part – 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Muntha

Part 2

2. 2nd House: The efforts succeed in having acquisition of wealth, respect, honour & prosperity and gains from service, business or profession in which the native is engaged. It also denotes great happiness, enthusiasm, good health, favours from opposite sex & rulers and dainty dishes. (See the chart of Rajiv Gandhi for 41st annual chart, where Muntha is placed in 2nd house with 2nd lord Jupiter with friendly aspect from Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn).

3. 3rd House: It indicates courageous efforts yielding acquisition of name, fame, success in endeavours, inclination to do good to others, health, wealth, general comforts, help from or prosperity to siblings, short journeys, and gets fascinated towards opposite sex. (See chart of JL Nehru for 58th annual chart where Muntha is in 3rd house of Aries with its lord Mars in own house in 10th with Sun, Mercury & Venus).

4. 4th House: One suffers from physical ailments & mental agony of self and/ or family members, fear from enemies, unnecessary expenditure, loss of wealth, disgrace & opposition from family members, boss & rulers, and change of residence. (In annual chart of Rajiv Gandhi for 1989-90, Muntha is in 4th house, Taurus, with its lord Venus in debilitation in 8th house). The native lost the Prime-ministership. Let us see another case.

Chart No. 30: Bill Clinton, Ex-US President: Born on 19 Aug 1946 at 7:57 AM (6h West) at 93W36 & 33N40: 52nd Annual chart for 1997-98

Main Features of the chart are:

1. The chart has Dwi-Janam Rasi lagna.

2. The Muntha is in inauspicious 4th house aspected by 6th lord retrograde Saturn from 7th house of public image.

3. The Muntha lord Jupiter is retrogrades & debilitated.

4. During Jan 1998, the native was undergoing Sun-Moon dasha in natal chart and Pratyari Dasha of Moon in the annual chart.

5. 12th lord Sun & Mars the 8th lord of scandal are in Ithasala.

6. The Moon is in 6th house in Rahu-Ketu axis and hemmed between Jupiter & Saturn, both retrograde & having exchange of houses.

7. The native was involved in infamous scandal with Ms Monika Levinski, which brought him & presidency shame and dishonor.

5. 5th House: It is a very good position for Muntha indicating success of the native in interviews, examination & any other undertaking, rise in status, favours from rulers, birth of a child, prosperity to or happiness from children, inclination towards virtuous/ pious deeds, happiness, physical pleasures & comforts.

Chart No 31: Annual Chart of J.L. Nehru for 28th year 1916-17

Here the Muntha is in 5th house with lagna lord Mercury and aspected by Jupiter, the Karaka of children. The Moon, lord of 2nd house of family is in 2nd house in Ithasala with 9th lord Saturn. Therefore the native had a daughter born on 19 Nov 1917.

6. 6th House: One suffers from ill health & mental agony, increase in a fear from enemies, displeasure/ quarrel from spouse & business partner, perverted thinking, failure in undertakings, loss of wealth, thefts, debts, litigations, remorse, adverse results from well-intended deeds.

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