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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Tajik Shastra and Annual Horoscopy: Casting the Annual Chart, Chapter X, Part - 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Casting the Annual Chart

Part 2

6. Add the Dhruvanka obtained from step 5, to the weekday and time of birth of the native. (use 0 for Sunday, 1 for Monday, 2 for Tuesday and so on; Some people use 1 for Sunday, 2 for Monday, 3 for Tuesday and so on. However either system would give the same result). The total would give the weekday and time of Varsha-Pravesh for the concerned year.

7. Calculate the longitudes of lagna, the 10th house and all the planets. Put them in the relevant house/ Brava. This would give the annual chart proper for further delineation.

Note: The longitude of the Sun as obtained for the moment of the Varsha-Pravesh may not always be exactly the same as that of birth time. The two may differ by a minute or two. This difference, which is due to the disturbance of the Sun’s longitude by the planets, may be safely ignored for the Varshphal calculations.

4. Chart No. 21- Pt. J.L. Nehru’s Annual chart for 58th year- 1946-47

1. The native was born on Thursday, 14 Nov 1889 at 23-03 hrs at Allahabad.

2. Based on above details, the birth chart of the native is:

3. Annual horoscope is to be prepared for the year 1946-47 and Vimshotri dasha during the year will be of Moon-Venus.

4. Completed years will be 1946-1889 = 57.

5. Dhruvanka for 57 years will be:
For 55 years 6d. 2h. 23 Min. 55 Sec.
For 2 years 2d. 12h. 18Min. 19 Sec.
For 57 years 8 or 1 14h. 42 Min 14 Sec.

6. Varsha-Pravesh for 58th year will be:
Day & Time of Birth 4 23h. 03 Min. 00Sec.
Dhruvanka for 57 years 1 14h. 42 Min. 14 Sec.
Total 6 13 h. 45 Min. 14 Sec.

Number 6 represents Saturday. Now consult ephemeris for Nov 1946. The nearest Saturday close to 14 Nov 1946 when the longitude of Sun is 0 degree 16 min is 16 Nov 1946. So Varsha-Pravesh on this day is at 13h. 45 min. 14 sec.

7. With this Varsha-Pravesh timing on 16 Nov 1946, the horoscope cast will be as under:

Chart No. 22: Rajiv Gandhi, Annual Chart for 41st year: 1984-85

The Vimshotri Dasha during the year will be Rahu-Jupiter.

3. The Annual chart is to be prepared for 1984-85

4. Completed years: 1984-44 = 40

5. Dhruvanka for 40 completed years of life: 1d. 6h. 6min 29sec.

6. Varsha-Pravesh for this Dhruvanka will be:
Birthday and Time: 0d. 07h. 11min. 00Sec
Dhruvanka for 40 years: 1d. 06h. 06min. 29Sec
Total 1d. 13h. 17min. 29Sec

Thus for the 41st year, the Varsha-Pravesh occurs on Monday, at 13h. 17min. 29sec. In 1946, the Monday nearest to 14 Nov when the Sun’s longitude is the same falls on 20 Aug 1984. So the Varsh-Pravesh for the native’s 41st year’s annual chart will be Monday, 20 Aug 1984 at 13h. 17min, 29sec. For Bombay.

7. With this Varsha-Pravesh, the annual chart for 41st year will be:


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