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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Tajik Shastra and Annual Horoscopy: House-wise Analysis of Annual Chart, Chapter XIII, Part - 8


Dr. Shanker Adawal

7. Sixth House of Debts, Disease, Enemies & Losses

1. The 6th house is a prominent Trika (others) being 8 & 12th), Trishadya (others being 3rd & 11th) & Apoklim house (others being 3rd, 9th, & 12th) indicating various miseries except when it acts as an Upachaya House (when it is influenced by benefics only) and gives secondary Rajyogas.

2. If Lagna lord and the year lord are both weak and occupy any of the sign of Trika houses, the losses are as per nature of sign. A quadruped sign means loss of vehicle/ transport and biped sign indicates loss of dependant persons including servants.

3. Venus as an afflicted year lord, occupying 6th house gives losses as per nature of its sign or about marriage / spouse.

4. Sun in similar position causes troubles from servants and bile ailments.

5. The birth lagna, being a sign owned by Venus, falling in 6th house of annual chart, occupied by Sun and Roga saham associated with malefics, causes sexual diseases.

6. A retrograde Saturn as year lord and afflicted in 6th house gives windy diseases/ chronic illness like rheumatism, stomach troubles etc.

7. Retrograde Jupiter in similar position, with no kamboola yoga with Moon, causes windy troubles/ diseases caused by liver like anaemia & diabetes.

8. Retrograde Mars in such situation causes blood disorders.

9. If lagna lord of birth chart happens to be a malefic and is having inimical aspect of the year/ Muntha lord, there will be illness. If this lagna lord is with malefic, even death may occur.

10. If sign occupied by Saturn in birth chart, happens to be lagna of annual chart, causes excessive troubles like bile, dryness etc. If Saturn aspects this lagna, there may TB. The afflicted Saturn may cause death even.

11. If sign occupied by Mars becomes lagna of annual chart having inimical aspect of Mars, native suffers from blood infection/ fear from fire.

12. If lagna/ and year lord in annual chart have Ithasala with 6th lord, there would be illness.

13. If Muntha, Muntha lord, Lagna and lagna lord are in Paapkartari/ afflicted give acute diseases.

14. Placement of 6th lord in lagna aspected by malefic, creates enemies and opponents during the year.

15. The 6th lord in 5th or 5th lord in 6th house causes affliction to progeny.

16. Muntha in 4th or 7th house in inimical aspect of Saturn or aspected by a malefic gives ill- health & rheumatic pain.


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