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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Tajik Shastra and Annual Horoscopy: House-wise Analysis of Annual Chart, Chapter XIII, Part - 7

Dr. Shanker Adawal

6. Fifth House of Children, Dignity & Intelligence

The birth of a worthy child is indicated if,

1. Jupiter’s natal sign falls in 5th house of annual chart is occupied by Mars or Mercury as year lord.

2. Jupiter as year lord occupies 5th or 11th house of annual chart.

3. Similar results happens if Sun, Mars, Mercury or Venus as year lord are placed in 5th or 11th house.

4. Jupiter as lord of Putra Saham, is placed in 5th house.

5. Strong Putra Saham associated with or aspected by benefics is placed in 5th house.

6. Strong lagna lord and 5th lord conjoin in 5th house.

7. If strong Venus is having a favourable aspect of Mars in 5th or 7th house in annual chart, the native’s wife will conceive.

8. Exalted Moon, Jupiter or Venus is placed in 5th house and establishes Ithasala with the lagna lord.

9. Strong Mercury along with Mars occupy 5th or 11th house in a benefic sign and is aspected by benefics.

Troubles, Miseries or even death of progeny is denoted if,

1. Jupiter the karaka of progeny is afflicted.

2. The natal sign of Saturn falls in the 5th house of annual chart and is afflicted by malefic.

3. 5th house and 5th lord are under influence of malefics.

4. Retrograde Mars afflicted by a malefic causes abortion or death of a child.

Chart No 42: Ms. Indira Gandhi: Annual Chart for 1946-47: Birth of a Son

Main Features of the chart are:
1. Saturn as 5th lord aspects 5th house from 11th.

2. Jupiter, the karaka of progeny is in identical degree as Lagna aspects 5th house Muntha and Moon from lagna.

3. Muntha is in 5th house and is aspected by its lord Saturn from 11th house.

4. Moon is exalted in 9th house in mutual aspect with year lord Mercury.

5. Mercury, the year lord & lagna lord, is in Poorna Ithasala with Jupiter.

6. Vimshotri dasha in birth chart is Jupiter-Venus and in Patyani dasha in annual chart is of exalted Moon.

The general effects of Various planets in 5th house are as under:

1. Sun: Creates distress to children, loss of discrimination & wealth, fear from government, loss of happiness, and dispute with relatives.

2. Moon: Strong Moon gives success due to own thinking, help from friends, and birth of a child. Weak Moon gives adverse results.

3. Mars: Indicates ill-health of children, tension/ troubles from unexpected areas, loss of reasoning & rash decisions, but success over enemies.

4. Mercury: Provides happiness from children, success in all endeavours, association with men of status, and gain in income.

5. Jupiter: Bestows prosperity to children, gives opportunity to show one’s ability/ talents, and all round happiness.

6. Venus: Gives sudden windfall gains, brings prosperity & luxuries, relieves from fear, sorrow & worry.

7. Saturn: Causes constant fear of reputation, mental aberration, worries about self & children, and undesirable state of affairs.

8. Rahu: Causes rash actions, defective digestive system, and sufferings from enemies/ foreigners.

9. Ketu: Troubles or even loss of a child, problem from authorities, loss of reputation and false allegations.

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