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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Tajik Shastra and Annual Horoscopy: House-wise Analysis of Annual Chart, Chapter XIII, Part - 9

Dr. Shanker Adawal

8. Seventh House of marriage & spouse

Part 1

1. Strong Venus as  year lord in 7th gives marriage or happiness from wife.

2. If there is aspect of Jupiter on such a Venus, there is much happiness in marriage and early birth of a child.

3. Mars as one of the five office bearers, if aspects such a Venus, or vice-versa gives marriage and much mutual love.

4. Such a Venus, if aspected by Mercury, gives a secret love with a girl other than his wife and much younger in age.

5. Such a Venus aspected by Saturn gives extra-marital relations with an elderly woman.

6. Strong natal lagna lord occupying 7th house of annual chart, gives a loving & charming wife and is source of comfort.

7. If sign occupied by natal Venus happens to be in 7th house of annual chart and Venus is year lord, there could be marriage during the year.

8. Lagna lords of birth & annual chart placed in 7th house under benefic influence, ensures favours from women.

9. Ithasala between lagna lord and 7th lord/ Venus gives marriage.

10. Strong Venus as year lord placed in 7th house and getting aspect of Jupiter, gives happiness from wife; aspected by Mars causes deeper love with wife; but if Venus is debilitated or aspect by malefic and the Sun is also in 7th, native gets troubles & displeasures from wife.

11. If Muntha occupies sign of any of the five office bearers and is aspected by Jupiter, also gives marriage.

12. Vivah Saham/ Saham for wife is aspected by its lord and by Venus/ Mars, gives marriage.

13. Lords of birth chart, Muntha and of the year together located in 7th/ 10th house gives marriage.

14. Jupiter is associated with Muntha or Muntha lord also gives marriage.

15. A strong 5th lord in 7th or vice-versa aspected by Venus/ Mars gives love marriage.

16. Marriage alongwith excessive sexual indulgence, results from:

a). 7th lord of birth chart is in Ithasala with Venus, who is Year lord also.

b) Lord of Hudda of Lagna of annual chart is in the sign of natal Venus and placed in a Kendra/ Trikone.

c) Lord of Vivah Saham in sign of natal Venus and placed in a Kendra/ Trikone.

17. If Muntha is located in 7th house in association with Sun & Mars causes troubles from wife nad/ or children.

18. Weak Moon in sign of Venus in annual chart denotes pre-mature ejaculation and little comforts from wife.

19. Afflicted Saturn in 7th house causes controversies and humiliation.

20. Sun as one of the five office bearers, if afflicted gives eagerness to marry to the extent of giving anxieties.

21. The Moon, exalted or in its own sign, in the 7th from Muntha denotes foreign travel.

Chart No. 43: Sanjay Gandhi: 28th Annual Chart for 1973-74: Marriage


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