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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Tajik Shastra and Annual Horoscopy: House-wise Analysis of Annual Chart, Chapter XIII, Part - 5

Dr. Shanker Adawal

4. Third House

 The third is primarily the house of younger siblings & valour and Mars is its Karaka. Some of combinations for well being of siblings and harmonious relations with them are:

1. A strong Jupiter in 3rd house or Jupiter in Ithasala with 3rd lord, Indicates comforts from brothers and increase of valour.

2. The 3rd lord in 3rd house in Ithasala with lagna lord or lord of the year.

3. If there is benefic influences on 3rd house with Mars identical in sign of Saturn or Mercury in 3rd house in sign of Mars.

4. Strong Mercury or Venus as lagna lord in birth/ annual chart, is located in 3rd house of annual chart.

5. Sun or Venus as lord of the year, bereft of any malefic influence.

There is dispute, disharmony or illness to siblings, if,

1. The 3rd lord, as year lord is combust or has malefic aspect.

2. Sun or Venus as year lord is weak, combust or eclipsed.

3. The 3rd lord is in Ishrafa with year lord or with malefic.

4. A weak Jupiter is in 3rd house or in Ishrafa with 3rd lord.

5. Mars in 3rd house in sign of Mercury or Saturn in sign of Mars.

6. 3rd lord in 3rd house in sign of Mars or of Saturn.

7. Lagna lord or year lord is placed in 7th to 3rd (9th) house.

8. 3rd house is occupied by Moon & Mars without aspect of Jupiter.

9. Exchange between lords of 3rd and 6th houses.

10. Bhratra Saham is associated with malefic and not aspected by its own lord/ benefics or lord of Bhratra Saham and of 3rd house are eclipsed or placed in houses 6, 8, or 12.

The general effects of various planets in 3rd house are as under:

1. Sun: Gives good health and prosperity to the native, but causes affliction to siblings.

2. Moon: Causes benefits, good income and secret pleasure to sibling.

3. Mars: Provides acquisition of property, destruction of enemies and all round success if it is strong year lord without malefic influence; but causes troubles/ loss to sibling, if weak.

4. Mercury: Provides happiness & reputation, if placed alone & unafflicted.

5. Jupiter: Bestows name, fame, status, wealth and happiness from children.

6. Venus: Brings mutual benefits & increase in wealth among siblings, but causes unnecessary expenditure also.

7. Saturn: Causes anxiety & misunderstanding among siblings, but brings attachment with mother and brings favour from authorities to native.

8. Rahu-Ketu: Causes affliction/ misunderstanding among siblings, but brings happiness, wealth & honour to native & siblings.


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