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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Tajik Shastra and Annual Horoscopy: House-wise Analysis of Annual Chart, Chapter XIII, Part - 6

Dr. Shanker Adawal

5. Fourth House

1. The 4th lord in 4th house gives lovable son to parents.

2. A strong 4th lord in Ithasala with lagna lord or year lord ensures parental comforts.

3. The parents are happy if Matri saham or Pitri saham is in 4th house or they are in Ithasala with lord of lagna/ year.

There will be trouble/ discomfort to parents due to native or native suffers due to absence or lack of parental care, if,

1. A weak 4th lord in 4th house in birth and annual chart.

2. Afflicted Sun or Moon or Sun & Moon together in 4th house.

3. Mars & Saturn, bereft of benefic influence are placed in 4th house of annual chart, in a sign identical with 4th house or its lord in birth chart.

4. Saturn or birth sign of Sun/ Moon in annual chart.

5. Sun/ Moon associated or aspected by malefics occupies 4th house.

6. Moon in the same sign as in birth chart.

7. Saturn conjuncts Sun in annual chart.

8. Matri/ Pitri Saham is in Ithasala with malefic or 8th lord. But if in Ishrafa with malefic, it is still worse.

9. Matri/ Pitri Saham in 4th house afflicted by Muntha or its lord.

An afflicted planet occupying 4th house causes difficulties to those persons or events, which the planet signifies. The general effects of planets in 4th house are as under;

1. Sun: Causes affliction to parents, loss of cattle, loss in cultivation, bodily troubles, and fear from vehicles.

2. Moon: Gain in health, wealth, domestic happiness, birth of female child, & agricultural field, success in dispute with government, and comfort of vehicles.

3. Mars: Causes fear from fire, defeat, loss in agriculture, distress in family, dispute among friends, and many other difficulties of various sorts. But Mars in own/ exaltation sign gives very good results.

4. Mercury: Gives wealth, good income, gains in educational/ intellectual pursuits, gains from new friends & acquaintances, gain of new vehicles.

5. Jupiter: Acquiring a new vehicle/ property disposing the old one with profit, gains from government and in new ventures, and all round happiness.

6. Venus: Similar results as Jupiter, and luxurious life.

7. Saturn: Causes professional discomforts, eye, stomach or joints ailments, fire accidents, defamation, and loss of agriculture & cattle.

8. Rahu-Ketu: Deprive native of vehicle, face interference from superiors, suffer cough, asthama, rheumatic complaints, aimless travels; while Ketu additionally causes troubles to mother.


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