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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Tajik Shastra and Annual Horoscopy: House-wise Analysis of Annual Chart, Chapter XIII, Part - 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal

3. Second House of Wealth

The second is primarily the house of wealth and the Jupiter is the Karaka of wealth. If Jupiter is strong and well placed, the second house prospers and inflow of wealth is ensured. Jupiter’s position in a particular house in the annual chart indicates the source from which the native would receive the wealth during the year, provided the Jupiter is in the 2nd house in the birth chart. Various wealth indicating combinations are given as under:

1. When the lagna lord has connection with lord of 2nd, 5th, 9th, or 11th or is in Ithasala yoga with them during the year, wealth will accrue in abundance. But if Jupiter is making an Isharafa yoga with a malefic, causes financial loss and fall in regular income.

2. Jupiter as 2nd lord in the birth chart is placed in 2nd house or forms Ithasala Yoga with lagna lord of annual chart, indicates prosperous year.

3. There will be unexpected gains if Jupiter aspects 2nd house in birth chart and becomes strong lord of the year in annual chart.

4. Jupiter as lord of the year and very strong, bestows the results of the house he aspects in the birth chart.

5. Jupiter aspected by benefics or conjoined with them occupying 2nd house gives money and status. If such a Jupiter aspects Muntha also, there will be gain of power (Please refer chart of 41st year of Rajiv Gandhi).

6. Strong Jupiter occupying same house in annual chart, of which he was the lord in birth chart and having Ithasala with lagna lord, gives results of such house in abundance.

7. A strong Mercury/ Venus in the 2nd house or as lord of the year ensure income or wealth by literary or fine art’ activities. A strong 2nd lord aspecting 2nd house of birth/ annual chart, ensures acquisition of wealth. But if weak, it causes loss of wealth.

8. In the birth chart, there may be wealth giving yogas, but if in the annual chart any one of these planets forming yogas becomes weak, there may be loss of wealth and the native may not be able to recover his money.

9. If Jupiter aspected by malefics in annual chart occupies 8th or 2nd house in the same chart, there will be loss of wealth and danger of punishment.

10. Mercury as 6th lord in birth chart, occupying 6th house of the annual chart does not give gain of wealth.

11. There is special gain of wealth, authority and power, if Artha Saham is in 2nd house and is aspected by benefics. If 2nd lord and Artha Saham have friendly aspects from benefics, money comes easily; but if aspected in inimical way, wealth comes after great efforts.

12. Wealth comes easily, if there is Ithasala of lagna lord & 2nd lord. With Ishrafa yoga, there is loss of wealth or money is earned through undesirable means. One also leads life of fear.

13. If the sign occupied by Jupiter in the birth chart, happens to be lagna in annual chart, aspected by its lord and other benefics, there will be health, wealth and happiness during the year.

14. The Sun in the lagna in birth chart, falling in 2nd house in annual chart, ensures acquisition of wealth and comforts. Saturn in a similar situation, causes failure in undertakings. But Saturn in 2nd house with Jupiter gives prosperity and comforts through siblings.

15. When the 2nd lord as well as occupants of 2nd house in the birth chart are weak or combust in annual chart, there is loss of accumulated wealth.

The following would be the general effect of strong planets in the 2nd house of an annual chart:

1. Sun: Family disputes, fear from enemies, trouble from cattle, loss of wealth and danger.

2. Moon: Gains from friends, accession to wealth, victory over opponents, and improvement in status.

3. Mars: Disputes, danger from fire/ accidents, and loss of wealth.

4. Mercury: Wealth accretion, victory over enemies, gain of name, fame and happiness.

5. Jupiter: Happiness from wealth & family, association of friends & good people, and good health.

6. Venus: Gain of wealth and gain, happiness from downtrodden, increase in friends, and destruction of enemies.

7. Saturn: Change of place/ residence, ill health, strife in family, worries about spouse/ children, and phlegmatic troubles.

8. Rahu/ Ketu: Worries, fear from government, eye or stomach trouble, loss of wealth and fame.


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