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A Guide to Palmistry: The Minor Lines or the Lines of Influence, Chapter XVI, Part – 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Quadrangle
This is the space lying between the lines of Heart and Head; it reaches across the hand from between the fingers of Jupiter and Saturn to the Mount of Moon. It should be fairly wide at both ends, but not too narrow in the centre, and also clear of lines other than the lines of Saturn, Sun and Mercury. It will then indicate one who is, other things being equal, faithful, loyal, and of an equable temperament. When too narrow in the centre, it will tell of one capable of being unjust and often avaricious. Should the Quadrangle be narrow under Mount of Mercury, it will indicate one who is unduly anxious in respect to his reputation.

When too wide throughout, it will tell of folly and imprudence, notwithstanding any indications of prudence in other parts of the hand. Should the Quadrangle be much lined with life lines, it will tell of nervous irritability.

The “Croix Mystique,” if present, will usually be found under or near the finger of Saturn, in which position, if well and clearly defined, it will indicate a capability for the occult. Badly formed, it is an indication of misfortune. Sometimes a well-formed Star may be seen in the Quadrangle, and it is an indication of trustworthiness; its fortunate possessors usually attain to financial success by merit.

Chance Lines
Part 1
In many hands a large number of lines are found crossing the palms in every direction; these consist of chance lines and Worry lines of all descriptions, and every line which is not one of the main or minor lines will belong to this class of line.

Hands thus crossed with a multiplicity of lines belong to persons who are extremely nervous, and given to entertaining emotions and ideas of all kinds. These lines, however, are not of much value, unless they occasion defects in the Main lines of the hand-in general, they are best regarded as merely indicating extreme nervousness.

Some of these chance lines will be seen to begin on one Mount and terminate on another, showing some connection between the respective qualities of the Mounts; these will have a definite, and often an important meaning.

Occasionally they may start from a Main or a Minor line and terminate on a Mount, or another Main or Minor line. Thus from an Affection line which slopes towards the Heart line, a fine Chance line may often be seen running across the palm to the Life line, and indicating the death of the marriage partner at the time or age at which it touches the Life line.

Chance lines from the percussion across Mount Moon will tell of health trouble peculiar to the portion of the Mount from which they originate, while the point at which they touch the Life line will give the age. Often a number of small lines from Mount Venus, cutting the Life line, indicate worries from friends; a Chance line from the Life line to Mount Venus, terminating in a Star, will tell of the sudden death of a relative.

These instances are not mentioned as being in any way a full list of Chance or Worry lines, but only as an illustration as to how such lines are dealt with in actual practice, and the method adopted in reading them.

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