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A Guide to Palmistry: The Minor Lines or the Lines of Influence, Chapter XVI, Part – 5

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2
In the cases when the rascettes enter the sphere of the palm as in the case when the first rascette near the palm moves from the wrist and enters the palm zone in the shape of a convex curve (fig. 276); this is an infallible sign of celibacy or barrenness.

Lines of influence or the Auxiliary Lines:

These are the thin fine lines spread all over the hand other than the main and minor lines (AB, CD EF etc., fig. 277). They differ from the main and minor lines in two points:-

(i) They have no fixed place or locality.

(ii) They might appear and disappear according to the behaviour of the mounts and main lines.

The Lines of Influence are the messengers of the main lines and mounts to the different parts of the hand; they also perform the office of liaison officers between the main lines and mounts. They transmit the influence and character of the main lines and mounts to other parts of the hand, and express what really the main line or mount wanting or doing. The nature of their message could be known from the source of transmitting, and the answer to that message should be understood from the behaviour of the receiver. For instance, an influence line running from the Mount of Venus to the Line of Saturn means that some family affairs have to do something with the career (Venus being the Mount of Family and Line of Saturn being the (Line of Career). The behaviour of the auxiliary line or line of influence together with the behaviour of the Line of Saturn both before and after receiving the message denote what kind of influence these family matters have been and what their result will be. If the Line of Influence is a good one and the behaviour of the Line of Saturn after receiving the message is also good (AB and CD fig. 278), it mean that the family affairs will improve the career and vice versa.

On the other hand, if a line of Influence descends from the Mount of Jupiter to the Line of Mentality and both the Line of Influence and Line of Mentality behave badly (AB and CD fig, 279), it means that ambitions will greatly worry the brain without any useful result.

In hands of nervous temperament, the influence lines are seen in abundance, indicating easy surrender of one’s life to all emotions and surroundings. The  hand in general is bad and looks like a net of lines, different in length, shape and strength.

It will thus be seen that while studying the palm we have to take in to consideration the various signs and lines/formations of the palm. A study of major lines and the mounts only, will lead us to ambiguous results. By practice, the reader will be able to arrive at definite conclusions by taking into consideration these influences also. In the beginning this will be found to be a bit difficult task but by perseverance and a proper power of `weighing’ the task would be made very easy.

Apart from these formations there is many times a line joining the mount of Jupiter and the mount of Sun. This is a very lucky indication in so far as it brings a person in close contact with rich and influential persons. People with such a line are usually highly cultured persons and love a humanitarian life. Such persons are usually placed in high position and status.

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