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A Guide to Palmistry: The Minor Lines or the Lines of Influence, Chapter XVI, Part – 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 3

(7) The Lines of Affections (fig.  271) – They are the small horizontal lines that appear immediately under the Finger of Mercury. They vary in number from one to four.

These lines are misinterpreted by all palmists. All writers on Hand Reading call these lines “The Lines of Marriage; and pretend that each line presents one case of marriage. This is totally wrong as could be easily checked by the reader of any hand.

These lines are found in every had whether married or single. Two and even three lines are seen in  hands of bachelors and spinsters.

The right expression of these lines is that they denote by their number when compared in both the right and left  hands, whether the amount of affection interchanged between the individual and other people are in excess or otherwise; for instance, if the number of these lines in the right hand is more than in the left, they denote that the subject gives from his affections more than he takes and reverse holds good.

As the nearest people to the individual are his relatives and other family members, it will be natural for the Lines of Affection to show whether or not there is mutual or lost love between both parties.

In case of marriage these lines with other lines from the Mount of Venus tell whether the marriage is happy or not. In happy marriage a single straight line will start from the Mount of Venus and run direct to the lines of Affection where it ends after passing through the Quadrangle (AB fig. 272). This is confirmed by a small cross on the Mount of Jupiter.

On the other  hand, if the marriage is by no means a happy one, the straight line mentioned above will be replaced by an island (fig. 273).

Family troubles and complicated home affairs which directly affect the emotions are represented by the auxiliary lines or islands running from the various mounts towards the Lines of Affection (fig. 274).

 (8) The Rascettes  or Bracelets (AB fig. 275) – These are the horizontal lines or curves separating the palm from the arm at the wrist. They vary in number from one to three or even four. Certain palmists argue that every complete rascette represents forty years of age and more the rascettes, happier the life will be. Investigation and intensive study proved the fallacy of such argument, and the raseettes have no meaning or indication at all.

As per the opinion of some of the palmists they did not find useful as an indication of longevity, hence the old-time tradition of ascribing thirty years of life for each of the Rascettes is fallacious. It has been seen natives over eighty years of age with only two Rascettes, while it is found others with three well-formed and clear lines that died young. However, a general perception is being given for the readers.

The first Rascette, if deep and clear, will add confirmation to other indications in the hand of the possession of a strong constitution; doubtless it will add strength to a long, clear and deep Life line. Should, however, the Rascette be poorly marked, be broad and shallow or chained, the constitution will be weak. These Rasacettes should be considered with the Life line. The rising of the centre of the first Rascette towards the palm is instanced as a premarital indication, in part, of sterility.

Long branches from the Rascette, rising high into the Mount of Moon, are known as travel lines, and are read to indicate voyages, should such a line run to the Mount of Jupiter, the voyage will be a long and happy one. A Star at the termination of a voyage line is usually read as death by drowning.

These lines are found marked with similar defects as the other lines, and this indicates troubles en route.

In addition to these indications of travel it has be invariably found that when the Life line sweeps out in the hand towards the Mount of Moon, the subject either has or will spend some ears  in another and generally distant country. If such a Life line should be long, reaching nearly to the centre of the Rascette, the change will result in lengthening materially the duration of the life.

A straight line from the Rascette to Mount of Mercury indicates a sudden and unexpected increase of the finances; a similar line rising to and joining the line of Saturn will indicate the return of a friend from across the water.

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