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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Tajik Shastra and Annual Horoscopy: Sahams & Specific Events, Chapter V, Part - 5


Dr. Shanker Adawal

4. In the same annual chart see Matri Saham. For Day Pravesh, Matri Saham is Moon – Venus + Lagna or 1-9-40’ minus 4-21-45’ plusu 7-9-26 = 3-27-21’. Again there is no need to add additional sign. The Saham is in Cancer. Its lord Moon, though exalted, is in close conjunction with Rahu and is inimically closely aspected by Mars. There is no friendly aspect on Saham Lord. Two Mother of the native, although a Prime Minister, was assassinated by her own body guards.

5. Now let us consider Punya Saham in his annual chart for 47th year (chart 21). Here the Varshpravesh being in the night, the Saham is Sun- Moon + lagna or 4-3-50’ minus 4-8-02’ plus 2-7-15’ = 2-03-03’

The Punya Saham is in Gemini. It is inimically aspected by 8th lord Saturn. The lord of Saham, Mercury, receives aspect of malefics – 6th lord Mars & 8th lord Saturn. The Saham lord establishes Ishrafa yoga with the 8th lord. Therefore, The Saham being weak, the native lost his life during the year.

6. Now let us consider Mrityu Saham from the same annual chart (21). The Mrityu Saham is: VIII Cusp-Moon + Saturn or
9-7-15 minus 4-8-02’ plus 8-25-50’ = 1-25-03’
Since Saturn falls between Moon & VIII cusp, no need for addition of a sign and the Mrityu Saham is in 12th house (Taurus) only associated inimically with 6th lord Mars. The Saham lord Venus is in Rahu-Ketu axis in close degrees and in Ishrafa yoga with Jupiter, the 8th lord from it. As therer is malefic association with the Saham (of Mars) and the Saham lord (of Rahu-Ketu), the n ative died during second half of the year 1990-91.

7. Let us take a case of Pardesh Saham (Foreign travel), in the following chart:

In the above chart, Pardesh Saham (Cusp of 9th house-9th lord + Lagna + one sign) falls in Sagittarius in the 6th house with Ketu therein. The lord of the saham, Jupiter is 9th lord as well and is in 4th house in Poorna Ithasala with Yogkaraka (5-10th lord) Mars. Mars is also 5th & 12th lord from Pardesh Saham. Therefore the native went to middle-east during the year. However the 7th lord Saturn (also the 8th lord) is retrograde and has an adverse Ishrafa yoga with Pardesh Saham and the Saham itself is in Rahu-Ketu axis. Therefore the native did not settle in foreign.

8. Now let  us see some weak Sahams.

In the above chart, Putra Saham (Jupiter- Moon + Lagna + 30 degrees) falls in 11th house in Gemini (2-22-54’). The lord of Putra Saham establishes Ithasala with Jupiter, the Karaka of progeny. The native got a son during the year. However, lord of Saham, Mercury, is in 6/8 position from the Saham and Jupiter is in 12th house in Rahu-Ketu axis. Hence the Saham is weak.

Now see the Vivah Saham in the same chart (Venus-Saturn + Lagna). The

Vivah Saham falls in Cancer (3-5-6’). In the 12th house. Very close to Ketu. Jupiter, the 12th lord of the chart is locating alongwith the Saham. This Jupiter establishes an Ishrafa Yoga with the Saham lord, Moon. The Moon also establishes Ithasala with Saturn, the 8th lord from the Saham. Hence the Saham is weak. The native lost his wife as well as his son during the year.

9. Prashna Chart; Let us calculate Roga Saham in the following Prashna chart.

For a day Prashna, Roga Saham Saturn- Moon + Lagna i.e.

3-13-42’ minus 9-2-04 plus 5-11-28’ = 11-23-04’

However the lagna does not fall between Moon & Saturn, therefore one additional sign is to be added and the Roga Saham will fall in Aries A(0-23-04’) in 8th house, conjunct with 8th lord Mars, in inimical aspect with Sun, Moon, Lagnesh Mercury & 6th lord Saturn. Hence Roga Saham is weak and there is little chances of recovery/ survival.

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