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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Tajik Shastra and Annual Horoscopy: Sahams & Specific Events, Chapter V, Part - 6


Dr. Shanker Adawal

7. Timing of Saham or Events

In the first place, one should ascertain whether the fruits of Saham should be expected during the  year or period under consideration. Whereas the period of an annual chart is exactly a year, the period of a horary chart is also approximately one year only. The method of finding out general period of any event is two fold- Dasha system in birth chart and socio-conventional of the society or Desh-Kaal- Patra of the native. For example the timing of marriage will depend on the particular society and timing of the native. Acharya Neelkantha in Sloka 25 & 26 of chapter on Saham has suggested a method of finding out the timing of fructification of Saham/ events, if the same can be expected. As per him, the process is to substract the longitude of lord of Saham from that of the Saham. Multiply the remainder by rising time (in Palas/ Vighatis) of the sign of Saham. The duration of each sign will vary with reference to the latitude of the place. Divide the product by 300 (a factor indicating general duration of time in Palas). The quotient represents the number of days (from the commencement of the year) when the event signified by the Saham is likely to materialize.

For example take the case of Matri Saham in the annual chart of Rajiv Gandhi for 41st year starting from 20 Aug 1984. Longitudes of Matri Saham is 3-27-21’ and that of lord of Saham (Moon) is 1-9-40’.

Fructification of Matri Saham will be (117-21’) – (39-40’) x Duration of Cancer in Palas / 300
= 77-41’x270/ 300 = 77.6 x 0.9 = 69.84 or 70 days.

The mother of the native (Ms Indira Gandhi) was murdered on 30 Oct 1984 after 70 days of beginning of 41st year of the native.

8. Conclusion

The Sahams are a very brilliant feature of the Tajika System. However there are many contradictions and the results obtained are not consistent and very accurate. A lot of research is still required to be done before they can be employed with infallible results. The Sahams must invariably be analyzed along with birth chart and dasha & yogas indicated therein. If the same planet gets lordship over similar Saham in birth and annual/ Prashna chart, the event of the Saham normally does take place in the year under consideration.

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