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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Tajik Shastra and Annual Horoscopy: Sahams & Specific Events, Chapter V, Part - 4


Dr. Shanker Adawal

5. The Strength of Sahams

1. A Saham becomes strong when:

i) The Saham lord is exalted or is in its own house or in a benefic house or in a house of its friend in decreasing order.

ii) The Saham is associated with a friend or with a natural benefic or with the year lord.

iii) The Saham lord is conjunct with the Saham or aspects the Saham or aspects the lagna.

2. A Saham becomes weak when:

i) The strength of Saham lord is less than 5 in Panchvargiya Bala.

ii) The Saham lord lacks strength as per Harsha Bala.

iii) The Saham lord neither associate with Saham nor aspects it.

iv) The Saham & Saham lord is associated with inimical or natural malefic planets.


i) A strong and a weak Saham give benefic and harmful results respectively during the dasha of its lord.

ii) According to some astrologers, The Shatru, Roga, Kali, and Mrityu Sahams are not good if they are strong. They are Considered best in debility.

iii) A Saham posited in 6th, 8th or 12th house is not good and gives adverse results.

iv) A Saham related by conjunction or by Ithasala with its own 8th lord or with the 8th lord of the chart becomes weak.

6. Calculation of Saham

Although 50 Saham with their formula are given above, but in practice not more than a dozen or so are calculated in an annual/ horary chart. While Sahams are normally applied in annual charts, they must be simultaneously applied in birth charts as well. Only those Sahams which are strong in birth chart, are relevant to be seen and analyzed during a given year. Some of these Sahams are illustrated below:

1. Punya Saham is the most widely used and relevant Saham. Let us take the case of Rajiv Gandhi. His birth chart and annual charts for 41st & 47th year are given below;

In the birth chart, as the birth is of day time, Punya Saham is:
Moon-Sun + Lagna
4-17-8’ minus 4-3-50’ plus 4-14-36’ = 4-27-52’
Since Lagna falls between Sun & Moon, there is no need to add one-sign, and Punya Saham will  be in Leo, which has Saturn lord Sun and all the four natural benefics i.e. Moon, Jupiter, Venus A& Mercury. Hence the Saham is strong.

2. Now take the annual chart of 41st year. The Varshpravesh is day time only, hence Punya Saham will be: 1-9-40’ minus 4-3-50’ plus 7-9-26’ = 4- 15-16’. Since Lagna falls between Sun and Moon, again no need to add extra sign and the Punya Saham is in Leo only. The Saham lord Sun is in own 10th house with two benefics Mercury & Venus and it is year lord as well. It also establish Ithasala with Lagnesh Mars also. Hence Punya Saham is strong making the native Prime Minister of the country.

3. Let us see the Raja Saham in the chart-20. For day pravesh, Raja Saham is Saturn- Sun + lagna or 6-17-13’ minus 4-3-50’ plus 7-9-26’ = 9-22-49’

Since Lagna does not fall between Sun & Saturn, one additional sign is to be added. So Raja Saham becomes 10-22-49’ or Aquarius in 4th house. Its lord, Saturn, is exalted in 9th from it. Saturn is the strongest planet in Panchvargiya Bala and is in friendly aspect with  year lord Sun, as well as by benefics Muntha lord Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Muntha itself. Hence the Raja Saham is very strong and the native became Prime Minister (most powerful status like a King) in the first half of the year only.

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