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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Tajik Shastra and Annual Horoscopy: Sahams & Specific Events, Chapter V, Part - 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

4. Details of Sahams

Part 2
26. Pardesh Sahamb Day Cusp of IX house-9th lord+Lagna
(Foreign/ distant travel) Night Cusp of IX house-9th lord+Lagna

27. Artha/Dham Saham Day Cusp of II house-2nd Lord + Lagna
(Finance/ wealth) Night Cusp of II house-2nd Lord + Lagna

28. Vivaha Saham Day Venus-Saturn + Lagna
(Marriage) Night Venus-Saturn + Lagna

29. Paradara Saham Day Venus- Sun + Lagna
(Adultery)_Night Venus- Sun + Lagna

30. Anya Karma Saham Day Moon – Saturn + Lagna
(Addl/alternate vocation) Night Saturn- Moon + Lagna

31. Vanik (trade) Saham Same as Bandhu Saham

32. Karya-Siddhi Saham Day Saturn- Sun + Sun sign lord
(Success in a venture) Night Saturn-Moon + Moon sign lord

33. Prasava Saham Day Jupiter-Mercury + Lagna
(Delivery of a child) Night Mercury – Jupiter + Lagna

34. Santaapa Saham Day Saturn-Moon + Cusp of VI house
(Sorrow) Night Saturn-Moon + Cusp of VI house

35. Shraddha Saham Day Venus- Mars + Lagna
(Devotion) Night Venus- Mars + Lagna

36. Preeti Saham Day Vidya-Punya Saham+Lagna
(Love) Night Vidya-Punya Saham+Lagna

37. Bala (strength) Saham } Same as Yash Saham

38. Tanu (physique) Saham } Same as Yash Saham

39. Jadya Saham Day Mars – Saturn + Mercury
(Stupidity) Night Saturn – Mars + Mercury

40. Vyapaar Saham Day Mars – Mercury + Lagna
(Business) Night Mars – Mercury + Lagna

41. Paniya Patan Saham Day Saturn – Moon + Lagna
(Drowning/falling in water) Night Moon – Saturn + Lagna

42. Shatru Saham Day Mars- Saturn + Lagna
(Enemy) Night Saturn- Mars + Lagna

43. Shaurya Saham Day Punya Saham-Mars+Lagna
(Valour) Night Mars-Punya Saham + Lagna

44. Upaya Saham Day Saturn- Jupiter + Lagna
(Remedy) Night Jupiter- Saturn + Lagna

45. Daridrata Saham Day Punya Saham-Mercury + Mercury
(Poverty) Night Mercury-Punya Saham + Mercury

46. Guruta Saham Day Sun’s exaltation – Sun + Lagna
(Pride) Night Moon’s exaltation-Moon + Lagna

47. Jalapath Saham Day 105 degree-Saturn + Lagna
(Sea Voyage) Night Saturn- 105 degree + Lagna

48. Apatmrityu Saham Day VIII Cusp- Mars + Lagna
(Accidental Death) Night VIII Cusp- Mars + Lagna

49. Krishi Saham Day Mars- Saturn + Lagna
(Agriculture) Night Mars- Saturn + Lagna

50. Ashwa Saham Day Punya- Sun+ XI Cusp
(Horse) Night Sun- Punya + XI Cusp

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