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A Guide to Palmistry: Tips for Hand Reading, Chapter XIX, Part - 6

Dr. Shanker Adawal

General Instructions

Part 2
Sun: The First phalanx longest shows that Artistic mental qualities are strongest, and indicates the Artist, Writer or Poet.

2nd Phalanx longest, the business side will be uppermost.

3rd Phalanx longest, not destined for art; there will be a love of display, the taste will be common, with a marked liking for showy colours. With the First and Second phalanges equal, the artistic talents will be used to make money. The Second phalanx short may secure reputation, but no money. The Second and Third phalanges equal in length, and long, the desire to make money will be strong, but no artistic qualities will be present.

Conic Tip will make the subject more artistic, and with a long first phalanx, the qualities will be enhanced; with the Second phalanx longest, the artistic qualities will be applied to business.

Square Tip makes the subject more practical and regular in his habits. It gives commonsense, and practical ideas are added to good business qualities. With the Third phalanx longest, there will be a strong desire for riches, and when obtained a great show of wealth would be made in a vulgar ostentatiousness.

Spatulate Tip adds activity and originality, and also dramatic ability, marking a natural entertainer. All the qualities of pleasure-giving are marked by originality and activity, often producing a clever after-dinner speaker and mimic. With the Third phalanx longest, there will be not only a fondness for games, but much skill and dash in them. Knotty fingers are really a defect here, as they make the operations slow and less effective. Smooth fingers are best.

Mercury: The First phalanx longest indicates the possession of great power of expression, even eloquence and oratory, public speakers or writers. The Second phalanx longest make a good Doctor, Lawyer or Scientist.

The Third phalanx longest the commercial side will be the most prominent; they are excellent merchants or businessmen in any capacity. The First longest, with Pointed tip, the subject will be able to draw on his imagination, and will indulge in flights of fancy in oratory. With Conic tip, will be artistic and eloquent, and will indulge in word painting and mental pictures. With Square tip, they will talk on practical subjects, show commonsense and reason, while facts and figures will be employed freely. With Spatulate tip, the subject will be a magnetic speaker, whose fiery speeches will move masses with its vigour or originality and strength.

The Second longest, with Pointed tip, idealism will permeate scientific researches. Square tip, commonsense practical ideas rule.

Spatulate tip, active in search for fresh discoveries in old scenes; will not be satisfied to follow beaten tracks.

Third longest, with Pointed or Conic Tip, the idealism and love of the artistic will be linked to business ability. Square tip, commonsense and practical ideas will operate and show a business man who makes every penny tell in his accounts, and brooks no foolishness in business matters. Spatulate tip, great activity, energy and originality; will push business and devise new way of making money. This is a strong combination. In using these points on Individual Fingers, both hands must be compared, as in a very large number of hands the length and shape of the tips will vary. Thus in one hand the finger of Jupiter may be long and pointed, while in the other it may be shorter, with a Conic or Square tip thus indicating a very marked change in the individual-the long pointed Jupiter indicating a love of responsibility and with strong religious tendencies, whilst the shorter finger of Jupiter would tell of less liking for responsibility and a lessening of the religious tendencies, and in consequence a more practical condition of the mind.

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