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A Guide to Palmistry: Tips for Hand Reading, Chapter XIX, Part - 5

Dr. Shanker Adawal

General Instructions

Part 1
First thing to be noted in Palmistry that two hands are never alike. The mere pointing out of one or two variations has sent them adrift on the ocean of speculation.

To enable the readers to use the information contained in this book in such a way as to deepen their own interest in the Science, while interesting others, the following points on the individual fingers may be welcome-but due regard must be paid to the whole hand, as laid down in the earlier chapters.

Jupiter:- If long this finger shows pride and contemplation if very long, however, it indicates a sense of luxury, love of pleasure and comfort combined with arrogance and egoism.

If short, it indicates activity and impulse, and a tendency to avoid responsibility. If very short a dislike for responsibility and incapability of undertaking it.

Long and pointed, it betrays religious instincts and inclinations, together with pride and strong ambition. With the second phalanx long, the ambition will be strong, while the third phalanx long betrays pride and a love of rule. Long and Square there will be a love of and search for truth from natural sources of information, and a desire to get to the bottom of things. If Spatulate, there will be much of originality, with intense mysticism; while if the fingers are smooth, error is indicated.

Conic Tip:- This will add idealistic and intuitive qualities.

Square Tip:- This gives commonsense views; such a subject will reason and take less for granted; will love landscape painting.

Spatulate Tip:- This will give agnosticism, originality; such a person will follow no temple or creed, and will manifest a domineering spirit, such as marks the tyrant and despot. The broader the tip, the more dominating the trend, and the less religions.

2nd Phalanx:- Tells of ambition and practical matters.

If Tip is Conic, add Conic qualities.

If Square, it will afford the best indication for business.

If Spatulate, an active, ambitious, original subject, who will force his way through the world.

3rd Phalanx, an active, ambitious, original subject, who will force his way through the world.

3rd Phalanx:- This is most important, as when long and not thick, it shows that the lower world is normal and supports the upper phalanx. If this phalanx is very much longer than the other two, then the ambition and desire to rule is sordid not refined. If it is long and thick, gluttony must be added, or (as it is frequently found in practice) in a woman’s hand, the thick long third phalanx will show the capable cook. If the phalanx is waist like the long, gluttony will be absent, higher ideals will hold sway and health defects go. The health trouble will be the nerves, throat or lungs. If the phalanx is flabby, it will indicate a ruined stomach and dyspepsia.

 Saturn:- The First phalanx longest indicates the Student thinker, inclined to be superstitious and fond of the occult.

3rd Phalanx Longest:- Money worship, or if the type of subject is good, economical. If coarse or bad, miserliness. If thick, less studious. If waist like, fond of study. If the fingers are bent, it will give added shrewdness.

If the finger is short: balance and seriousness will be entirely lacking, while with a Spatulate tip, there will be no stamina. If Saturn only has a Conic tip, it will weaken the balance of the character. If pointed, it will indicate idealism and rampant superstition; the subject will be ruled by dreams, signs and omens, and the more certainly so if the first phalanx is long he Square tip will give practical commonsense and more of soberness; but if very square, there will be a tendency to melancholy. The Spatulate tip will add activity and originality and gives greater seriousness.

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