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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Tajik Shastra and Annual Horoscopy: Preface

Dr. Shanker Adawal

This is the next book in the series for the encyclopedia that I am writing. After dwelling on the Basics of the Parashari System and the Yoga’s that tell the basic strength I am in this book writing about Tajika Shastra’.

The Parashari System and the research done by the sages centuries back when there were no computers –Astrology – the science of predicting the future probabilities was amazing. The links lost we are still researching to discover.

The Devas & Asuras had at all time the desire to get answer for their queries and offshoots developed the “Prashna’, Horary & Varshaphal. The Urdu word Tajik is synonymous to Varshaphal and is popular in Northern India.

The Tajik Shastra or the annual horoscope resembles the Parashari System in a number of ways. The backdrop is the same but there are intrinsic rules that have to be studied.

The Tajik chart and study has two important aspects. The period is for one year and the transits. I want to caution that the Annual Chart should not be read in isolation and has to be read in conjunction with the Birth Chart. It then tells the right time of an event to happen or promises that may not materialize. This makes it unique and an important tool in predictive astrology.

In the Tajik Shastra the importance is to understand the Aspects, Strengths, the Yoga’s and the most important is the applicability of the Dasha System.

I have in this book systematically dealt from the advent of Tajika Shastra and then into Tajika Aspects, Yogas, Strength Of Planets, Sahams, Tri Pataki Chaktra and the Dashas. Tajik is Distinct in a number of ways which makes the difference and so need to be read keenly.

The second half of the book goes into the predictive aspects dealing with salient features, the first basic principles, the mathematics in casting the annual chart, and then the interplay between the Muntha, Lord of the Year, Maasa Chart and the House Wise Analysis.

I have found Tajik Shastra principles very profound and there applicability has lead to accurate predictions.

This book will fill the great demand for a scientific and easy understanding of the Tajik System. Its uniqueness has provided amazing results.

I am sure it will be a book which will be useful to all who are interested in the field of Astrology; the learners as well as those at different levels of research and understanding.

All this inspiration to write comes from my father Late Shri K. C. Saksena for whom this science was like a religion and had done a lot of research. Also the blessings of Shri Bake Bihari of Vrindavan who tells that the only constant factor in life is change.

---Shanker Adawal

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