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A Guide to Palmistry: Marriage and Progeny, Chapter XVII, Part – 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Marriage and Progeny

Part 1
Many books on Palmistry omit the important problem of marriage and do not fix or locate its signs in the hand. Obviously marriage is the most vital affair in the lives of both sexes; everything is connected with it, therefore, should be quite clear in the brain and duly transmitted and reflexed on the hands.

The common fault of all Hand Readers remains in reading marriage from the Line 3 of Affection (AB Fig. 1), assuming that every line represents one case of marriage. This point has been fully discussed and refuted in Chapter XVI showing the fallacy of such unreasonable assumption.

The reason why nearly all marriages are failures is due to two factors:-

(i) Choosing the wrong mate, or

(ii) Choosing the wrong time or age for marriage. As will be seen later, the lines of marriage in the hand fulfill the following duties:-

(1) They tell whether or not there is any possibility or chance for getting married. They never indicate or show whether marriage  has actually taken place.

(2) They show whether marriage will be happy or otherwise.

(3) They indicate divorce or separation or other matrimonial disturbances.

(4) They tell whether or not the marriage will be repeated.

As for the first item, the chances for getting married are seen in the lines corning from the Amount of the Moon or the Mount of Upper Mars-when marriage takes place in old age-and joining the Line of Fate (AB and CD) respectively fig. 297), or the lines coming from the Plain of Mars or rising from the Quadrangle and running parallel to the main Line of Saturn (EF and GH respectively fig. 297).

In case such lines are seen in the hand, they mean that life will be incomplete without marriage, and it will never be a good or happy life if the character insists on remaining single or bachelor. Without marriage there will be something lacking in his whole being and his life affairs, consequently, will not be adjusted unless marriage occurs.

On the other hand, the disappearance of the marriage lines from the nature is not prepared for marriage; consequently, if marriage occur, it will be inevitably a miserable marriage because it was committed against the character’s general natural adjustment and preparedness.

As regards the happy or unhappy marriage, in the first case, the happy marriage is indicated by a small independent cross on the Mount of Jupiter (A fig. 298), or by a straight uninterrupted Line of Influence running from the Mount of Venus towards the Mount of Mercury or the Mount of Sun (BC fig. 298).

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