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A Guide to Palmistry: The Minor Lines or the Lines of Influence, Chapter XVI, Part – 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

(2) The Line of Mars
(CD fig. 258)- This has been discussed together with the Line of Vitality, is an independent line that starts from the Mount of the Lower Mars and runs parallel to the Line of Vitality inside the Mount of Venus where it ends. It is pertinent to remind the reader of what has been said in Chapter `Line of Life’ about the Sister Line of Vitality which is always connected with the Line of Vitality near its beginning.

The Line of Mars is a favourable sign in case the Mounts of Jupiter, Sun, or Mars are ruling; it indicates fulfilled ambitions and success. In the cast of the remaining Mounts of Saturn, Mercury, Moon and Venus, the Line of Mars indicates either good or bad luck in accordance with the type of the ruling mount whether good or otherwise.

In case the Line of Mars is seen in the hand of a Jupiterian, Sunnian or Martian, there always appears auxiliary lines shooting from the Mount of the lower Mars or from the Line of Mars itself to the ruling mounts passing through the Line of Vitality and ending on the Mount of Saturn or Upper Mars (AB and CD fig. 259).

If the Line of Mars appears in a hand where the Line of Mentality slopes towards the Mount of Moon, and an auxiliary line starts from the Line of Mars and cuts through both Lines of Vitality and Mentality exactly at the point where they separate under the Mount of Jupiter and Saturn (fig. 260), it means tragic death, and life will be either ended by suicide or by murder.

Supporting signs on both the Line and Mount of Saturn will exit in the aforementioned case. In very rare cases, the Line of Mars instead of running normally in the Mount of Venus, misbehaves and runs through the Line of Vitality and ends of the Plain of Mars (AB fig. 261), or on the Mount of Moon (CD Fig. 261); this means exhausted vitality through excessive indulgence in sexual habits which will shortly end in madness. A distorted Girdle of Venus with poor Lines of Mentality, Saturn and Vitality will be apparent.

If an island is formed on the Line of Mars and extends cutting the Lines of Vitality, Mentality and Saturn and ends on the Line of Heart or the Mount of Mercury (fig. 262), it betrays misconduct and untruthfulness. A similar islands or bad sign will immediately appear on the Line of Saturn, the Mount of Jupiter or the Line and Mount of Sun (fig. 263).

(3) The Ring of Solomon- (fig. 264) - It  is a semi-circular line surrounding the base of the finger of Jupiter; it is very rarely seen completed; it is often composed of two uncompleted curves one above the other (fig. 265), or two intersected curved lines (fig. 266). Its appearance, however, indicates extreme luck at young age. It is remarkable to note with the Ring of Solomon the numerous chance lines arising from the Line of Vitality, also the squares and crosses on the Mount of Jupiter together with the mysterious big cross in the Quadrangle (A fig. 266). Jupiterians, Sunnians, Mercurians, Martians and Venusians have the Ring of Solomon. Please note that Saturnine never have it.

(4) The Ring of Saturn- (fig. 267) – This is a small ring covering the mount of Saturn at the base. It is a very bad sign and shows failure and misery. This is also not a good indication as the influence of Saturn is not favourable. People having this ring on the palm are usually unfortunate. They do not get their due in life and are always held back in service. Such persons are stingy and do not enjoy even the ordinary comforts of life. They suffer from constipation and may develop hernia in later age. They are usually cynical in their talk and misunderstood by their friends. Like the Ring of Solomon, it is sometimes composed of two incomplete curved lines one above the other or two intersected curved lines.

In some cases the Ring of Saturn is seen accompanied by a similar ring encircling the base of the Finger of Mercury (fig. 268); this means a poor life wasted in loneliness. It is by no means a favourable sign in a hand of a girl as it denotes a detested nature which will waste all her life as a spinster. The Ring of Saturn is exclusively destined for Saturnine especially those of the bad type; it increases their defects and wickedness.

In case the Ring of Saturn is accompanied by a deficient Mount of Lower Mars and a poor Line of Mentality and a long narrow or small deficient thumb, it means insanity.

The girdle of Moon and the ring of Saturn are not permanent lines but may vanish gradually after some time. The period after that may be a bit favourable to the person but the damage done by these formations is too serious to be repaired.
 (5) The Line of Instinct (AB fig. 268) is a curved line starting from the Mount of Moon and ending on the Mount of the Upper Mars; it is rarely seen except in poor hands of soft texture and thin or shallow main lines and depressed mounts. It is the mark of deficient willpower as could be seen from the weak feeble thumb. It indicates what is usually known as the sixth sense which enables persons to predict coming event. Dreams of such persons are very vivid and they make their calculations upon such dreams. In all cases where the Line of Instinct exists, it is accompanied by a sloping shallow Line of Mentality and a poor Line of Heart ending in many branches scattered on the Mounts of Saturn and Jupiter; also a distorted Circle of Venus is seen. The Mount of the Moon will be strong and rayed with intersected lines. People having the Line of Instinct are very fond of occult science especially hypnotism and spiritualism. In case the powerful Mount of Moon contains any bad signs such as bars or grilles, the Line of Instinct will create awful fancies that will end in mental disturbance.

(6) The Line of Sexuality (fig. 269) – It starts at the base of the hand between the Line of Mercury and the Mount of Moon where it ends. In rare cases it starts at the base of the hand near the end of the Line of Vitality (fig. 270); in this case it denotes that the sexual appetites have the most important consideration especially in the hand of bad Jupiterians, Martians and Venusians. It is also an infallible sign of enlarged prostate in old age.

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