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A Guide to Palmistry: The Minor Lines or the Lines of Influence, Chapter XVI, Part – 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Minor Lines or the Lines of Influence
In Chapter IX `The Lines-General’, it has been shown in fig. 2, that only six minor lines exist. The Line of Mars and the Line of Affection were omitting. The Line of Mars  has been dealt together with the Line of Vitality; and it was the intention to discuss the Lines of Affections together with Notes on Marriage-being the coming chapter in this book. In order to avoid any misunderstanding, both Lines of Mars and Affections have been included in this chapter.

In addition to the six main lines mentioned in the preceding chapters, there appear in the hand eight other independent lines of special influence and character. In very few h ands not more than two or three lines appear at one time while the majority of hands contain one or two lines only.

As every minor line takes its place in the region or area of a main line or mount, it necessarily partakes of the qualities and influence of that main line or mount whether good or bad.

The eight minor lines are:

Part 1

(1) The Girdle of Venus- (AB fig. 254), is a curved line which takes its place immediately above the Line of Heart in the space between the Fingers of Mercury and Saturn or Jupiter; in very rare cases it appears very long than it might be mistaken for the Main Line of Heart (fig. 255). The Line of Heart is always clear and deep and must start on the ulnar side of the hand, while the Girdle of Venus never extended to that side.

The Girdle of Venus is often found in triangular hands with conic or pointed finger tips; it is seen in ladies’ hands more than in men’s. In every case where the Line of Heart shows kindness or timidity or in case there is hasty hot temperament or delicate feelings, the Girdle of Venus is always present.

The Girdle of Venus is considered to be good if it appears in the shape of a slightly curved line as shown in fig. 255. In such case the Line of Heart will be sword like and end abruptly on the Mount of Saturn. A very good Girdle of Venus is always seen in the hands of good Saturnine or Mercurians who have adequate control over their emotions. On the other hand, if the Girdle of Venus is poor or weak, i.e., composed of broken lines (fig. 256), it betrays a highly sensitive nature which could be easily aroused and moved. The palm of the hand in such circumstances will be of soft or thin texture, the Line of Heart poor and the thumb weak.

It is remarkable to note in such cases of bad Girdle of Venus the too much talk, imagination and debut enveloping the character. The Mount of the Moon will be depressed and bad, creating pessimistic hallucinations which will play the devil with the sensation.

In a poor hand where the bad Girdle of Venus is seen, it is important to examine carefully the Mount of Jupiter or the Mounts of Mars and Venus; in case bad signs exist on one of these mounts such as grilles or islands and bars, they mean excessive indulgence in bad vice. They also denote blind jealousy and stubbornness which will answer any temptation irrespective of any consequences.

When the Girdle of Venus looks good and healthy, the Mount of Venus clean and the fingers long and narrow, it indicates chastity and uprightness. This type of Girdle of Venus is seen in the hands of hermits.

A poor Girdle of Venus accompanied by a bad Mount of Venus and a sloping Line of Mentality of a long poor Line of Heart (fig. 257) is a true sign of blind doubt whipped with raging jealousy which stops at nothing and could be aroused at the slightest provocation.

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