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A Guide to Palmistry: Marriage and Progeny, Chapter XVII, Part – 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Marriage and Progeny

Part 2
I the second case of miserable marriage a distorted and broken Line of Influence will run from the Mount of Venus to the Mount of Mercury and in hard cases an islanded Line of Influence will run from the Mount of Venus to the Mounts of Sun or Mercury (AB and CD respectively fig. 299). In cases where miserable marriages actually affect the career or destiny, the Line of Fate will be cut in some place (EF fig. 299).

As regards divorce, separation or disturbed matrimonial relations, these are indicated either by a big long island extending from the Mount of Venus to the Mount of Mercury (AB fig. 300), or several islanded Lines of Influence running from the Mount of Venus up to the Mount of Mercury (CD and CD fig. 300). In such severe cases the Line of Saturn must bear some bad signs as breaks or islands (EF and EF fig. 299).

In this connection it must be always remembered that if separation is due to divorce or death of either husband or wife, it is always the same sign, i.e., big island or two or three islanded Lines of Influence as already mentioned.

Repeated cases of marriage are shown by the small crosses spread over the Quadrangle (A, B and C fig. 301). The Line of Fate in such cases must be accompanied by small parallel lines (DE and D’E fig. 301), or leaves its original course altogether and moves a little bit further and resumes its course again (FG fig. 301). Sometimes the Line of Fate totally ceases, and another Line of Saturn begins where the original one stopped (HI fig. 301).


It will be pertinent in this connection to say something about the offspring or children who are the natural result of every marriage. Again, charlatans and pretentious palmists inform us that children are represented by the small vertical lines descending from the Mount of Mercury perpendicular to the Lines of Affection (AB, CD and EF fig. 302), They say that every line represents a child, strong lines for boys and weak ones for girls. There is nothing more far from truth and reason than such misleading statements. The student can easily check this on his hand or any hand of his relatives and friends. There is no part of the hand which contains such information.

As previously mentioned in the Chapter The Line of Vitality, the only information gained from the hand as regards children is this: The behaviour of the Line of Vitality with its course as regards the area of the Mount of Venus, clearly shows whether the character owns sufficient virility to bring forth children or has only a dry nature that dooms him as barren.

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