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A Guide to Palmistry: The Lines of Heart, Chapter X, Part – 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Line of Heart

Part 3
Should the line entirely cross the hand from one side to the other, it tells of one who has too much heart, and who will in all things be guided only by sentiment; he or she will be of a jealous disposition, and passionate in affection. The line must be examined in both hands, for if the above indications are seen only in the left hand, while the line in the right runs its normal course, then it will be found that a great improvement has been effected. But if the line is similar in both hands, then the conditions will b e more certain.

The line of the Heart may at times be seen rising towards one of the Mounts, but rarely to more than one. In such a case, it will indicate that the qualities of that Mount, or some person of the Mount type, will strongly attract the native. But if the rise of the line merges into the particular Mount, and ends there, then the native will have surrendered entirely to the attraction. It is not often that such an indication will be met, but slight deflections or risings will be seen, and should be noted. However, great or small the deflection may be, it will tell of attraction sufficiently powerful to influence the life for the term of its duration.

When the Line of Heart is situated in a very low level, increasing the area of the Mounts of Mercury, Sun, Saturn and Jupiter and decreasing the area of the Quadrangle which is the space between the Line of Mentality and the Line of Heart (ABCD fig. 9), it denotes a false love based on benefit.

Many students fail to fully grasp the full meaning of that line of Heart. Careful examination should be given to the behaviour of this line. Among its prominent qualities is that it ends abruptly on the Mount of Saturn. Bad Signs on the Line of Heart and the Quadrangle should be looked for. The dominating mounts in such cases will be the bad Saturn, Sun or Mercury. This Line of Heart is very clever is eluding discussion.

In some cases, the Line of Heart after leaving the Mount of Mercury, dives and bends towards the Mount of the Upper Mars (fig. 10), this denotes bitter love which will take place at an early age and control all actions and emotions.

If this Line of Heart after diving continues its dive and ends on the Mount of the Moon (fig. 109), it means a maddening love. In such case all bad signs emphasize the untimely tragic death of the person owning such a line of Heart, by committing suicide. The Line of Mentality in such circumstances will be poor and acutely turn towards the Line of Vitality. Grilles and crosses will appear on every main line and the Plain of Mars which will be read and hollow.

Such a Line of Heart always seeks for something to excite its emotions and kindle its lost love. It is the worst Line of Heart that ever could be met with.

Sometimes few small dents appear on the Line of Heart near the Mount of Saturn (fig. 11), these dents denote love for children and little things.

If the Line of Heart is composed of many separate small lines (fig. 12), it is a sign of great danger, it means that the heart organ is not functioning well. This is confirmed by the interruption and misbehavior of the line of Fate and the Line of Vitality in more than one place. The distance between these separate lines composing the Line of Heart should be carefully measured, the narrower the space between them the greater the danger.

If an island is formed on the Line of Heart immediately as it passes the Mount of Sun (fig. 13), it denotes a heart shock such as a hopeless love affair which will be remembered through the whole life.

In case the island is formed on the Line of Heart within the boundaries of the Mount of Sun (fig. 14), it denotes serial optical disease which can take place at any time.

If instead of the island a farouche (deep wide spot) is formed (fig. 15), it is an infallible sign of a very poor vision which might develop into blindness in old age.

If the Line of Heart is poor and the Lines of Mentality and Vitality are connected at their beginning, and the Mount of Venus is rayed or contains many Lines of Influence supported by a bad Girdle of Venus (fig. 16), it denotes a heart full of flirtation and easily yields to temptation. Bad signs or marks on Jupiter or Sun will confirm this.

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