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A Guide to Palmistry: The Lines of Heart, Chapter X, Part – 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Line of Heart

Part 4

If an island is formed on the Line of Heart and another on the Line of Fate before it reaches the Line of Mentality and a line of Influence runs from the Mount of Venus to the Line of Heart (fig. 17), it means an unhappy marriage that will end in divorce.

In some cases where the Line of Heart seems to be poor or faint, another thin line is seen running parallel to that Line of Heart (AB fig. 18), this thin line is called the Sister Line of Heart. It adds power to the main line and eliminates its burden, sometimes when the Line of Heart ends on the Mount of Saturn, it shoots a small branch which meets the Line of Mentality under the Mount of Saturn (fig. 19), and it denotes blind obstinacy and adherence to one’s opinions whatever might be the consequences. It further denotes love of solitude and pessimism. In such cases the Mount of Saturn will be the most powerful mount.

The absence of the Line of Heart from the hand (fig. 20), betrays a cruel and arrogant nature, it also indicates selfishness and greediness. When the Line of Heart disappears from the hand, the Line of Mentality takes its course as a straight horizontal line running across the palm from the radial to the ulnar side of the palm.

In such cases it sometimes happens that another faint line runs parallel to the Line of Mentality mentioned above (AB fig. 21), this faint line will be considered the main Line of Heart which has been attracted by the more powerful Line of Mentality which will have full control over emotion and sensation.

The line deflecting towards the Head line will show that, at that time, the head and reason dominated sentiment, and that during the period it existed, there would be indifference to others, avarice and selfishness would be a marked characteristic. If the Heart line should, as a result, become merged in the Head line, cold reason will dominate the Heart. In such a case it will sometimes be seen, after a time that the Heart line rises again towards its normal position. This indicates that the native, later in life, regained some portion of the earlier disposition, but the effects of such a change cannot be entirely obliterated or overcome.

Should the Heart line deflect to such an extent as to cut through the Head line, instead of merging into it or returning to its proper position, serious brain fever, the unbalancing of the mental faculties, or even death may result in any event, the result is disaster-the Mount type of the native will afford an indication as to the nature of the result. It is apt to occur at any point of the Heart line through the hand, and the age at which it occurs can be read from the line.

If a Star is seen at the point where the Heart line cuts the Head line in this way, the most serious consequences may be expected. An Island on the Head line after such a cutting will indicate that the result will be a delicate condition of the brain for the period covered by the Island. If the broken end of the Head line is cut a bar, sudden death from heart failure may be looked for, and if such a bar is seen on both ends of the broken Head line, then death from heart disease will result. A Dot on both ends of the broken line will have the same result as a bar.

Breaks of all sorts and sizes are often met. In nearly every such case, one end of the broken line will go wide of its course, and thus afford a clue to the cause of the breach. They are always serious, even if small, and repair signs, it any must be looked for. If the ends overlap each other, or have sister-lines joining them, or if a square surrounds them, read them as serious heart difficulties prevented from a fatal end by such repair signs. When such Breaks are seen, examine the Life and Mercury lines for health difficulties, and if no such signs are seen, then read such Breaks as an interruption to the affections.

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