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A Guide to Palmistry: The Lines of Heart, Chapter X, Part – 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Line of Heart

Part 2

There are, however, three well-verified readings attached to the three usual rising points of the Line. These are used as a basis, but native to modification, and changed according to the variations in the starting point.

A. The Line rising from Mount Jupiter tells of the development of the sentimental side of the affections. The native will be one to whom love is an ideal and adoration-one, in fact, to whom love, even though accompanied with poverty, would prove an irresistible attraction.

B. When the Line rises between the Mounts of Jupiter and Saturn (Fig. 7), it indicates the common sense and practical associated with the affections, and tells of one not carried away by sentiment; one who would look on love in a cottage, without plenty to eat, as a delusion. There is nothing soft or sentimental about such a native; he or she is always sensible, not foolishly fond.

C. Rising from the Mount of Saturn, it tells of sensualism in the affections, a person whose love is more passionate than wise. This will certainly be the case if Mount Venus is large and pink or red in colour, with the lines of Life and Mercury strong. These indications will tell of physical desire A(from the starting point of the Heart line) and of the necessary strength (as shown by the other lines) to carry out such desires.

When the Heart line arises from all three of these sources, it indicates the union of sentiment, common-sense and passion, and reveals the heart as the strongest factor in the native. A strong, fine Head line and a good Thumb will be needed to prevent the Heart ruling the Head, as otherwise life must be more or less a failure. In this origin of the Heart line, note which of the three forks is deepest at its start, as this will be a guide as to which of the three will predominate.

The Line sometimes starts with several forks on Mount Jupiter; in such a case the sentimentality of the native is increased. The general rule is that a single clear line makes the affections more self-contained. The deeper and clearer the line at its start, the deeper but more likely to be selfish are the affections. The more the line branches, the more the affections go out to others. The line starting with a fork tends to make the native more successful in life by giving him many friends.

The Heart line inclining to the Head line at its start shows that the Head or reason is powerfully in the lead, and will be the deciding factor in matters in which the affections are concerned.

In some bad cases this bad Line of Heart whips the sensation to the pitch of hysteria and destroys health and nerves.

This Line of Heart is often found in ladies falling under the influence of the Bad Mercury and Mars or Mercury, Sun and Venus.

Should the Heart line start from the Head line, then your native will be absolutely controlled as to his affections by the Head or reason, while if the Head line is deeper and clearer than the Heart line, it will be the more certainly so. When the Heart line, during its course, droops towards the Head line, then during the period that such deflection continues, the Head or reason will control.

Sometimes, the Line of Heart is located at a very high level decreasing the area of the Mounts of Mercury, Sun and Saturn, and sometimes Jupiter as well (fig. 106), and often in such cases, the Line of Heart appears poor, and the Girdle of Venus (AB fig. 8) looks distorted, and the thumb will be hard with a long narrow phalange of willpower, these signs show wild obstinacy and maddening love guided by insane jealousy. This kind is always suspicious and believes in nothing except what is dictated to him by his imagination and temper. His emotions could be easily excited, he always looks at the bad side of things, believes in false rumors and acts accordingly. He looks pessimist and in haste destroys his home. This Line of Heart is always accompanied, in addition to a bad griddle Venus, with a bad Line of Mentality which betrays, dull and poor reason. In such cases the finger-tips will be conic or pointed.

In examining this line, its length must be considered, as it will tell of too much or too little heart. If the line, rising normally, runs but for a short distance and then stops, it will indicate that serious difficulty will beset the native at the date at which it ends-although all the other lines of the  hand may run on to their normal terminations. This sudden ending of the Heart line may mean either that the heart will cease to beat, or that the native will possess but little feeling or affection for others. This sudden ending is a very poor indication.


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