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A Guide to Palmistry: The Line of Heart, Chapter X, Part – 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Line of Heart

Part 1
The Line of Heart (AB fig. 1) starts from the Ulnar (A corresponding bone in the forelimb of other vertebrates) side of the hand immediately below the Mount of Mercury and runs across the palm along the base of the Mounts of Sun and Saturn ending on the latter mount, or the Mount of Jupiter, or between both mounts. Sometimes it runs across the palm and ends on the radial side of the hand (fig. 2). It is of primary importance, deals with the mechanism which controls the life strew and which so largely influences the  health and temperament.

The Line of Heart has two distinct functions:

(a) It reveals the quality and quantity of emotions, sensations and affections together with their bearing upon life, and

(b) It gives the accurate condition of the heart, organ and its strength or weakness.

In case the Line of Heart starts on the ulnar side of the palm (fig. 3), from a point parallel to that from which the Line of Mentality begins on the radial side of the palm it denotes a life governed by Fate which is beyond any man’s power or intelligence to change or amend. A life either full of happiness or sorrow.

It is not often that this Line is entirely absent in the hand, but many hands will be seen with only one crossing under the Mounts. It is not certain whether such a line should be read as the Heart or the Head fine, or whether it should be treated as a joint line. It is the accepted practice, however, to assume that the Heart line is absent and that the single line seen is the Head Line. The lines on the hand are controlled by the Brain, and not by the Heart, and that is reckoned, sufficient to amount that the Head line being present.

When the Heart line is absent (fig. 5), or doubled with the Head line, it tells of a lack of sympathy and the affectionate side of the disposition, and would indicate such a native to be selfish and cold-blooded, one who desires success even at the expense and injury of other. It is a bad marking for it readily leads from selfishness to hypocrisy, deceit, want of candor, and even to dishonesty. If the Heart line should be absent in both hands, it would tell of one who lacks heart  in a moral way; a person who is cold, selfish, cowardly, and sometimes a great bluffer or bully.

Hands are met which show the Heart line to be present for a short distance, but then it turns down sharply and becomes merged with the Head line (fig. 6). Such a marking must not be mistaken for an absence of the Heart line; a close inspection of the hand, and particularly of the Head and Life lines, will almost invariably show that the native has been the victim of a heavy disappointment or loss, which has resulted in a serious change in the temperament and life. This sign, when seen, is at times marked in the left hand only, the right hand possessing a regularly marked and placed Heart line, indicating a return to normal conditions. It is not often that such a marking is seen, but it has been often found it accompanied by a deflection of the Head line to the Plain of Mars in the right hand, and at times in the Head line in both hands.

Usually this line has its starting point on or near the Mount of Jupiter; sometimes it arises on Mount of Saturn, and at times the line had forks or branches at its beginning, all of which may start from Mount Jupiter, or spreading out as a fan, extend as far as Mount Saturn.

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