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A Guide to Palmistry: The Lines of the Hand (General), Chapter IX, Part – 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Lines of the Hand (General)

Part 2
Another ridiculous tale told about the main cause of the appearance of these lines in the hands, is that these lines are traces of some different articles or tools handled by man through his life. This theory also could be easily destroyed. For instance, we find the child’s hand, when compared with (hat of the fitter or rigger or blacksmith, contains many intersected lines, while the hand of the fitter or rigger or blacksmith does not contain more than three or four lines. It is well-known that the child does not grasp or handle anything heavier than his mother’s breast while the fitter, etc., handles numerous and different tools.

In this connection, it is worthy to note the shape of the Line the Vitality in every hand; it appears a good curved line. What kind and size of article could be grasped within the palm to leave such a well-curved trace which could not be deleted unless the whole body is decomposed?

Medically speaking, the embryo in any case of normal pregnancy is formed within the womb precisely by the same natural procedure and method as any other embryo with his hands closed. On examining the hands of newly-born children we find them to differ widely in the number and form of lines. No hands all over the world have the same form of lines, not even the hands of twins or those of one man, his right and left  hands.

No person knows how of when the celestial or terrestrial bodies have been made, or why winter and summer always fall the same month every year, found these and other similar phenomena and tried to study them in order to know their influence upon his life and whether he can utilize them for his benefit.

As a matter of fact the hands together with its various lines are immediately formed in the embryo while it is a few weeks old. They are the first organs formed in the embryo directly second to its brain. The brain is first formed then immediately the  hands, before the eyes, ears, etc. There are four forms of lines (fig. 5): (A) the shallow line, (B) the thin line, (C) the deep line and (D) the sword-like line.

The shallow line resembles a broad line drawn by a large pencil, the thin line is one made by a light sharp pencil, the deep line as one made by a sharp black pencil and the sword-like line starts like the shallow line and ends like the thin line.

The shallow line is almost found in weak hands of triangular shape or soft texture, the thin line is shown in the square h ands of elastic or hard texture, the deep line is found in both triangular and square hands with elastic texture and the sword-like line is found in tall hands of elastic or hard texture.

The most powerful line of these four forms is the thin line, the deep one comes next, the sword-like is the third and the shallow line is the weakest of all.

Naturally, every line takes its whole course in the same way and forms that it begins with whether thin, deep, shallow or sword-like; but it might alter its form according to its behaviour through its course and length especially if any obstacle in the shape of a cross, bar, etc., is found in its way.

The main lines in one hand will not necessarily be of the same form; perhaps one line will be shallow, the second deep, the third thin, etc. This variation is due to the different elements or factors shaping and moulding the individual’s career and destiny. For example, you find a man with a strong head and vigorous mentality while his health is broken; in these circumstances you will find the Line of Mentality deep or thin and long while the Line of Vitality or Mercury will be shallow.

The form of the main lines when well fixed will he of incalculable value to determine the powerful factors whether good or bad, which mould the individual’s life, also they will correspond to the mood of the governing mounts and these elements lead to correct and  healthy hand reading.

The people, who use their brains and mental powers more than the physique, have more lines in their hands than in those of labourers.

As a rule a lady’s hand contains more lines than a man’s hand.

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