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A Guide to Palmistry: The Lines of the Hand (General), Chapter IX, Part – 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Lines of the Hand (General)

Part 1
There are three lands of lines;

(1) The Main Lines (fig. 1); they are six in number:
AB-The Line of Heart, CD-The Line of Mentality, EF-The Line of Vitality, GH-The Line of Fate, IJ-The Line of Sun and KL-The Line of Mercury.

(2) The Minor Lines (fig. 2); they are six in number:
MN-The Ring of Solomon,
OP-The Ring of Saturn,
QR-The Girdle of Venus,
ST-The Line of Instinct,
UV-The Line of Sexuality and WX-The Rascettes.

(3) The Lines of Influence (fig. 3) YZ, ZZ, etc.

The appearance of these lines differs in every hand. Some hands contain three or more main lines together with two or three (or more) minor lines; but every human hand must contain some Lines of Influence.

What might be said with ceretainty is this:
(i) Both Lines of Vitality and Mentality must appear in every hand.
(ii) The Lines of Heart, Fate and Sun appear in nearly 90% of hands.
(iii) The Line of Mercury or part thereof appears in nearly 80% of hands.
(iv) All the six main, lines appear in nearly 70% of hands.
(v) The minor lines show themselves rarely and wilt be dealt with later.
There have arisen many debates about the origin of appearance of the various lines and signs spread all over the surface of the human palm. Some people say that they are traces or creases found through closing, relaxing or flexing the palm in different postures or moods; the simplest proof given to refute this statement could be found in those people’s hands in the shape of crosses, squares, triangles, etc., found in their hands. They might have full liberty to relax, move or close or bend their hands in any direction that might help them to create these crosses, squares, etc. Having done so can they tell whether it had been possible to close or bend the hand in such a way as to make the square or cross shown on the mounts of Jupiter and Moon (fig. 4).

Another similar test could be carried out on their hands where the said lines exists. This line extends from the base of the hand to the Mount of Mercury from which its name is derived; obviously no person can bend or close his palm in the direction of that line even if special instruments or tools are used.

It is observed in all hands of humans that all the main lines mentioned above have the same course beginning from the same spot in every hand and ending at different places on the surface of the palm according to their behaviour. If this is the case, and taking the theory that says that these lines are made through closing or bending the hand into consideration, then it follows that in order to make these similar creases in all hands, these hands should be closed and bent in the same way; but this is not actually the case because every one of us has his special moods in using and moving or closing his hands according to the requirements necessitated through the needs in life.

For argument’s sake, let us believe this theory and say that these lines are caused through closing, opening, relaxing or flexing the hand in different postures; also let us assume that all people do these man oeuvres in the same identical way; if this is the case, why do then some hands lack some main lines such as the Line of Heart, or why do some hands have a long sloping Line of Mentality while others have short straight one? Also why do some hands contain some crosses or squares, etc., while others do not contain them?

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