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A Guide to Palmistry: Essentials and Rules for Hand Reading, Chapter VIII, Part – 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 3

The connection between the subconscious and conscious minds is only switched when one of them is dormant and the other awake. That is the reason why we dream of coming events or fulfilling our desires, etc. Both the conscious and the subconscious mind are so connected with each other that the whole existence of any individual is governed and directed by both minds which work in shifts, the one replacing the other during its absence.

As the brain contains both minds, and as the brain is reflected on the hand, it could be safely said that both minds as well are reflected on the hand and its parts.

As the cells of the brain change after about every seven years, the same change is observed, in the lines and signs of the hand, and that is why the career and destiny of man is oil the move either through his efforts or through  his environments. The children’s hands give a clear specimen of these changes as their career and destiny are always childhood that Line of Fate will look more vigorous, deeper and straight in the right hand than in the left. On the contrary, if the person has gone wrong and ruined these circumstances, the Line of Fate will be good in the left hand and bad in the right hand.

Scientifically and logically speaking it is beyond human mental and intellectual powers to give a fixed date, month or year for any event.

Many palmists invented many ways by which they can say or fix the date of events, etc., but it will soon be explained, these invented methods are not based on scientific calculations. For example, they divide the main lines into 100 parts, every part representing one year, and they pretend that by the intersection of the lines they will be able to fix the actual date of the event. The following facts disprove this invention:

(i) The majority of human beings do not live to such a ripe age;
(ii) All the main lines as well as the minor ones are not of the same length;

(iii) The short deep line has the same power and action as the long strong line;

(iv) This invention of dividing the main lines parts, fixes the point where the Line of Fate crosses the Line of Mentality as the age of 30 (A fig. 1), and where the same line cuts the Line of Heart as the age of 45 (B fig. 1). On this ridiculous calculation the Line of Fate (CD fig. 1) is thus divided: CD = 100 years CA= 30 ,,CB= 45 ,,AB = 15 Any person with a little particle of brain will not agree to that division and would deny the distance BD which is nearly one-fourth of the distance CA to represent about twice the number of years or to be nearly equal in length the distance BC.

(v) The intersection of the Line of Fate with both Lines of Mentality and Heart will not be found at the same place or position or level in all hands. In the hands where the Line of Mentality slopes towards the Mount of Moon, it must meet the Line of Fate at a lower point than when it runs across the palm (A and B figs. 2) and 3 respectively).

(vi) In cases where the Line of Fate is absent what point will represent 30 and 45 years of age and why?

Something very amazing in Hand Reading to which the student’s attention is urgently invited is that: It is often observed a certain sign in one hand in some place, say in the middle of Line of Mentality or Heart, and the same identical! Sign is seen in the same place and spot in another hand; obviously both signs mean the same thing but curiously enough we find that one sign happened at certain age while the other happened in another age. This leads us to say that although the two events are identical yet one befell to one person some years before or after the other befell the second person. To be more explicit: suppose we find a cut through the middle of the Line of Vitality in some hand, and the same cut through the middle of the same Line in another hand. Both cuts mean a serious illness threatened the subject, when you ask him at what age his health was seriously threatened he will tell you, say, at the age of 25, while the other person when asked will tell you that he was seriously ill at the age of 12 or 36.

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