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A Guide to Palmistry: Line of Sun, Chapter XIV, Part - 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Line of Sun

Part 2
(vi) In very rare cases the Line of Sun might start from the Line of Vitality (fig. 8), which denotes great interest in fine arts and occult study. This line is often seen in triangular hands with powerful Mounts of Saturn and Moon.

In case the Line of Sun is strong; the Line of Mentality sloping towards the Mount of Moon, and the Mount of Moon is bulging (fig. 9), it is a sure sign of success through purely mental or literary pursuits.

If the Line of Sun is strong, the Line of Mentality poor, and the Finger of Sun is nearly of the same length as the Finger of Saturn (fig. 10), it betrays a speculative and gambling nature which can risk anything.

If the Line of Sun is deep and clear, the Line of Mentality straight, and the Mount of Jupiter or Venus is ruling (fig. 11), it means love of power and authority. It is often noticed in such hands that the remaining parts of the hand are good and ensuring rapid success.

A clear Line of Sun accompanied by a strong Mount of good Mercury, Sun, or Jupiter denotes high talents for business, money transactions or politics.

If the Line of Sun is broken in any of its parts (fig. 12), it means serious danger threatening wealth and reputation.

If an auxiliary line starts from the Mount of Saturn and runs towards the line of Sun cutting through it (fig. 13), it denotes that poverty had interfered and impeded success for a long time.

An island is very often seen in the Line of Sun especially in hands of persons having debilitated Sun or debilitated Jupiter (fig. 14). Such an island is a sure sign of losing money through bad conduct. Auxiliary lines running from that island to any part of the hand will tell the cause of loss and its nature.

If the Line of Sun appears, then disappears and lastly reappears (fig. 15), it means that hard circumstances will interfere and delay success for a time and then everything goes smooth.

If the Line of Sun is composed of many small lines connected together (fig. 16), it indicates poor talents and arrogance. It likes to imitate great people in talking and walking and acting and make a fool of itself. People governed by the bad Sun or Mercury have such a distorted Line of Sun in their hands.

If the Line of Sun appears strong in some place and weak in others (fig. 17), it means success and failure respectively. This type of line is seen in the hands of ruined businessmen or hands of artists who squander all their gains and repent in old age.

If the Line of Sun is twisted (fig. 18), it means permanent failure accompanied by wickedness and misery. The behaviour of the Line of Mentality will prove this.

In many cases on examining the hands of poor infamous women, the Line of Sun will give a true picture of their misery. This line will be poor and islanded (fig. 19). Other islands will be seen on the Mount of Venus, the Line of Mentality and the Line of Saturn. Crosses will be seen on the Plain of Mars, and auxiliary lines will attack the Line of Sun from nearly every comer of the hand.

If the Line of Sun is zig-zagged, and the Line of Heart is shallow or absent (fig. 20), it betrays a high degree of mischievous intelligence and wickedness. It is also the sign of infidelity and misconduct.

If the Line of Sun ends in a cross (fig. 21), it means a tragic end which will come after the loss of money or fame. It is a sure sign of misconduct at youth.

A favourable sign is seen when the Line of Sun ends in two branches (fig. 22); this denotes a happy ending crowned with success in old age.

On the other hand, if the Line of the Sun ends into many branches (fig. 23), it means that the individual directs his talents and energy into many different channels that it will hardly bring him any success. It is a sign of self-deceit and vanity.

The thin Line of Sun shows an overwhelming desire for fame or wealth by any means. This line creates a realm of dreams which never come true and always causes anxiety, hastiness and hesitation.

Also, the shallow Line of Sun is the sign of failure. Other signs in the hand will verify this, such as poor Lines of Mentality and Saturn and a weak thumb.

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