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A Guide to Palmistry: Line of Mercury, Chapter XV, Part - 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Line of Mercury

Part 1
It is the line that represents the health and disease in the hand (AB fig. 1). It is also called the Line of Hepatica or the Line of Liver of the Line of the Table. It starts at the base of the hand near the Line of Fate and runs upward till it ends on the Mount of Mercury.

The site and location of this line in the hand as could be seen in the picture (fig. 1) is enough evidence to challenge and refute the idea pretending or ascribing the presence of the lines in the hand due to creases or results accruing from handling and using different articles which leave their traces in the shape of these lines. A single glance to the Line of Mercury will show that it is located in such a position and runs in such a way that it would not be possible to bend or close the hand in its direction, or even grasp or handle anything by that part of the hand.

From the state and behaviour of the Line of Mercury, it would be easy to locate its bad signs and compare same with similar ones found on the main, lines especially the Lines of Vitality and Saturn; and also on the ruling mounts.

Any bad sign found on a main line and recorded on the Line of Mercury (fig. 2) denotes that the health and general physical condition have some-thing to do with the misbehaviour of that line and its bad sign. On the other hand, any bad sign on any main line or ruling mount not supported by a similar one on the Line of Mercury denotes that the trouble remains with other factors than health. It might be moral or financial trouble owing to the auxiliary lines connected with that bad sign.

The Line of Mercury does not appear in all hand. Its presence, however, is an infallible sign that health troubles will come sooner or later except in one tingle case when it appears as a straight strong line (fig. 3).

The absence of the Line of Mercury does not mean that bad health is expected; on the contrary, the absence of the Line of Mercury from the hand means a very good health that could be maintained through the whole life.

In nearly 20% of hands, the Line of Mercury appears a straight deep line as if drawn by a ruler (fig. 3 above). This is the sign of good and sound constitution and robust health which hardly could be attacked by any serious or grave ailment. The main Lines of Saturn, Mentality and Vitality will be of the same quality and the hand in general bears a few lines.

In flabby hands of triangular shape with conic finger-tips, the Line of Mercury always appears. It will be thin or shallow and interrupted in more than one place which means bad health and an impaired temperament.

When reading the Line of Mercury, the student should pay due attention to the ruling mounts; because in case the Line of Mercury misbehaves, the ruling mounts will at once show evidence of threatening disease belonging to the type of these mounts.

Eminent danger exists when the Line of Mercury moves at its beginning towards the Line of Vitality and touches it or cuts it (fig. 4); in such cases the Line of Mercury will cancel the functioning or duty of the remaining part of the Line of Vitality running towards the rascettes. This is confirmed by the misbehavior of the Line of Vitality towards its ends.

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