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A Guide to Palmistry: Line of Sun, Chapter XIV, Part - 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Line of Sun

Part 1
It is the vertical straight line seen on the Mount of the Sun (AB fig. 1). It is also called the Line of Brilliance, Fame or Success. It appears in nearly all hands.

Many readers make a mistake in interpreting the Line of Sun by considering it a sure sign of success, wealth or fame. Before jumping to such hasty conclusions, it is essential to examine the `remaining parts of the hand especially the Line of Mentality, the ruling mounts and the thumb.

Also, it is a common fault to read the Line of Sun as good talent for fine arts. There are no authentic proofs or practical views to support that opinion; there are many people who achieve success in life in spite of their total ignorance of the fine arts.

The correct reading of the line is that it shows sufficient talent and intelligence which may lead to success if properly used. The absence of that line often narrow mindedness and awkward taste.

It is observed in many cases that although the Line of Sun is clearly apparent in the hands of very brilliant men, yet their share of success or fame is not so much as correspond the extent of their talents. Further examination of the other important parts of the hand such as the Lines of Mentality or Vitality or the thumb will disclose the secret.

Also there are many intelligent people who blindly believe in their talents and wholly depend on them to acquire success or fame without endeavoring the necessary efforts in that direction and without noticing their behaviour; such people are doomed to failure.

Among its duties, the Line of Sun gives an accurate idea about the quality and quantity of brilliance and talents. It shows whether they are genuine or false; for instance, the presence of the Line of the Sun in a bad hand with crooked fingers is an infallible sign of vulgarity and pretension.

While reading the Line of Sun, the reader should all the time pay great attention to the Line of Saturn; because success and fame depend on the mutual action of both lines. It is not sufficient if one of them is quite strong and the other one not strong enough as long as both lines exist. The powerful line of both will help the less powerful.

The power and influence of the Line of Sun depend on its length and strength.

Also, it is Important to note the auxiliary lines or the Lines of Influence ascending or descending from the main lines and mounts to the Line of Sun and vice versa (fig. 2). The reader should take great care not to mix one of these auxiliary lines and take it for the Line of Sun. The Line of Sun must be of same depth and strength as the other main lines.

The Line of the Sun starts from six different places and takes its course vertical so that it necessarily ends on the Mount of the Sun. It may start;

(i) From the Line of Fate (fig. 3), this means that success could only be gained through private efforts and merits.

(ii)  From the Mount of Moon (the Moon) (fig. 4), which means that success or fortune will come through the influence of exterior factors.

(iii) From the Plain of Mars (fig. 5), which indicates a stubborn nature coupled with sufficient self-confidence and right resolution to achieve success. These signs might be seen in the hands of self made men.

(iv) From the Line of Mentality (fig. 6), which means success has been impeded or delayed owing to difficult private circumstances.

(v) From Line of Heart (fig. 7), this is a favorable sign revealing good taste and adequate talents which will be of great benefit at a latter date.

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