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A Guide to Palmistry: Line of Saturn (Fate Line), Chapter XIII, Part – 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Line of Fate begins:

Part 1
(i) From the base of the hand (fig. 3) which in a favorable sign if it takes its course as a straight strong line up to the Mount of Saturn without any interruption. In such cases the Line of Sun (AB fig. 4) will also be apparent rising from the Plain of Mars and running parallel to the Line of Saturn. The appearance of this good Line of Sun together with the good Line of Fate is a sure sign of success and happiness. People having such two lines are called the “spoiled children of fate.”

(ii) From the Mount of the Moon (fig. 5), this means that the destiny or fortune will be subject to the influence of exterior factors other than personal or private efforts. Sometimes, an auxiliary line starting from the Mount of Moon blends with the Main Line of Fate (CD fig. 6), as  in cases of marriage, etc., denotes that the husband or wife will greatly influence the destiny and career of his or her partner. This auxiliary line should not be mixed with the Main Line of Saturn originally beginning from the Mount of the Moon or from the base of the hand. In case this auxiliary line coming from the Mount of Moon runs towards the Line of Fate but does not touch or join it (CD fig. 7), it means severed or broken engagement.

(iii) From the Mount of Venus (fig. 8) which means a troubled life owing to family circumstances in childhood. Almost in all cases where the Line of Saturn starts within the Mount of Venus, bad signs will appear all over the palm showing a poor career and a miserable life.

(iv) From the Plain of Mars (fig. 9), this means that the first two decades of age were wasted without making any career. Auxiliary lines in such cases will appear on the Mounts of the Lower Mars and Venus cutting through the Line of Fate. In such cases the Line of Fate will continue its course in a poor condition till it ends on the Quadrangle or the Mount of Saturn.

(v) From the Line of Vitality (fig. 10), which means a career built through difficulties and hardships by one’s efforts and skill. This Line of Fate is often seen in the right hand of self made men. It will be long, deep and strong supported by a long good Line of Mentality and a strong thumb. In such instances it will be interesting to examine this Line of Fate in the left hand as well. It will be either weak or poor and cut in more than one place.

(vi) From the Line of Mentality (fig. 11), this shows that the career has suffered for a considerable number of years. This Line of Fate truly tells that the individual was not quite keen or interested in his destiny and future while young and had missed good chances to improve his condition. This Line of Fate appears also in the hands of people who do not show any interest in completing their study. It is often observed that besides being short, the Line of Fate is not strong enough to indicate success. In all these cases the mounts will be flat and no sign of hope or good future is apparent.

(vii) From the Line of Heart (fig. 12), in this case the Line of Fate will be short and shallow, it means a miserable life from beginning to end, and the Line of Mentality will be poor, the mounts flat or depressed, the texture of the hand either soft or hard and the thumb long and narrow.

The worst sign to be encountered on the Line of Fate is the Island (fig. 13). The formation and behaviour of the line before and after the formation of the island should be carefully examined together with any auxiliary lines that connect that island with any part of the hand. A magnificent illustration of the influence of the island on the Line of Fate can be seen in the hands of the poor wives (fig. 14) who are tormented or abandoned by their husbands.

It is a very bad sign to see an island on the end of the Line of Fate (fig. 15). The danger becomes eminent if it is formed on the end of the Line of Fate at the Amount of Saturn. It is a sure sign of tragic terrible death.

An island at the beginning of the Line of Fate at the base of the hand (fig. 16) indicates that the `birth of the individual was accompanied by terrible pain and unnatural delivery.

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