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A Guide to Palmistry: Line of Saturn (Fate Line), Chapter XIII, Part – 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Line of Fate begins:

Part 2
If the island is seen where the Line of Fate meets the Line of Mentality or Heart (fig. 17), it means great danger threatening home, life or career. Signs on the Mounts of Venus and Mercury together with the behaviour of both Lines of Fate and Mentality will show the result of that danger.

If an island is formed On the Mount of the Lower Mars and it shoots an auxiliary line towards the Line of Fate (fig. 18), it indicates serious home troubles which will influence the destiny at old age.

If the Line of Fate starts from the base of the hand and ends on the Plain of Mars before reaching the Line of Mentality (fig. 19), it is an infallible sign of some calamity that will destroy the career at an early age. If there is no other Line of Fate starting from where the first has stopped, or from the line of Mentality or the Line of Heart, this means that there is no further hope for any improvement. The career is finished at that. This often happens as a result of a very grave accident affecting the health as could be checked from similar bad marks on the line of Vitality.

On the other hand, when the main Line of Fate stops at any place and another Line of Fate begins from any one of the seven places aforementioned, and takes its normal course to the Mount of Saturn (fig. 20), this means that the whole career and fortune will be completely changed. In such cases the new Line of Fate should be followed throughout the whole reading.

An unsteady Line of Fate that swings or runs zigzag (fig. 21), is a sure sign of infidelity and misconduct. Bad signs on both Mounts of Jupiter and Sun confirm this.

Any change of career, work of environment is clearly shown on the Line of Fate which will be composed of small lines connected together (fig. 22), or other Lines of Fate running parallel to the main one (CD fig. 22) Whether the change is good or bad, this will be recorded on the new Line of Fate and the Line of Mentality. In the first instance small lines of influence will start from the Line of Mentality and go upwards to the Mount of Sun (EF fig. 22), in the second case, an island will be formed on the Line of Mentality under the Mount of Saturn where it is intersected by the Line of Fate (fig. 23), or small lines of influence will shoot from the Line of Mentality downwards towards the Plain of Mars.

If a line of influence starts from the Line of Fate and ascends towards the Mount of Jupiter (fig. 24), it means that the career will be progressive through the influence of big people.

In many hands, it is observed that the part of the Line of Fate contained within the Quadrangle undergoes many changes, sometimes it is seen forked, divided or mixed with other auxiliary lines (fig. 25). This part of the Line of Fate should be carefully examined as it denotes that some fatal accident or even might happen. In cases where the Line of Fate passes through the Quadrangle quite safe and sound, it shows that life will be guarded against any surprise serious accident.

In case the Line of Fate ends in a cross or a star (fig. 26), it means death by violence.

If while running through its normal course the Line of Fate is accompanied by small parallel lines (fig. 27), this means that conditions will improve and money will be gained from different sources. These small parallel lines also show hobbies done in leisure time.

A thin Line of Fate when seen in a soft triangular hand means a poor career owing to lack of intelligence or vitality. People with such hands and Lines of Fate always resign to their luck and surrender to what might come of it. Such people are usually calm, sober and hopeless.

A shallow Line of Fate is never seen complete, is always feeble and accompanied by a weak Line of Mentality and flat mounts. It is the sign for failure.

Fortune or luck is seen in the Lines of Influence or auxiliary lines running from any corner of the hand to the Line of Saturn.
Destiny or fate is seen in the signs or marks which appear on the Line of Saturn and other main lines such as islands, breaks, stars, etc. Such signs on the ruling mounts are also connected with fate.

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